Our People


Ahmad, Isaac
Ali, Asma

Allen, Brandy
Allen, Wayne
Anastasio, Holly
Armstrong, Mimi


Baker, Erin
Barrows, Ed
Barsch, Nadia
Bass, Nikki
Bennett, Erin
Bérard, Sandra
Beyl, Laurie
Bischoff, Kirsten
Boswick-Caffrey, Jane
Boyce, Cassie
Bradbury-Scarlett, Michelle
Bradsher, Nedra


Cadet, Katursia
Campbell, Cindy

Canning, Mike
Chavez, Michael
Chetty, Sharmla
Chu, William
Cook, Julia


Davidson, Rosalind
Davis, John
Dlamini, Thulie
Domingo, Candice
Duckett, David
Dusanenko, Nancy


Ee, Angeline


We hire people of exceptional talent, energy and intellectual curiosity who help us redefine custom education. We look for consultants; organizational development, leadership development and human capital experts; academics and educators; instructional/curricular designers; and people who combine experience in business, education and technology.

Duke Corporate Education appreciates and values diversity within our community–for it is through our diverse and exceptional staff that we are able to best serve our clients. As an organization we are committed to building and sustaining an environment conducive to capitalizing on diversity as a source of intellectual, personal and professional growth and innovation.

Therefore, we take positive action to promote equality of opportunity and inclusion. All decisions about recruitment, hiring, retention, transfers, promotions, demotions, terminations, training and development of staff are made without regard to race, sex, religion, color, creed, national origin, marital status, age, disability, military status or other legally-protected characteristics.

Submit your resume

You may submit your resume for future consideration by sending it to:

Ann Morris
Director, Human Resources
Duke Corporate Education
310 Blackwell Street
Durham, NC 27701

+1 919 680 5671