Duke CE has been a part of the African continent for more than 15 years, having opened our Johannesburg office in 2008.


Duke CE has been a part of the African continent for more than 15 years, having opened our Johannesburg office in 2008. Our presence in Africa is two-fold. We work locally with South African clients, spanning industries including financial, government, automotive, and extraction, and we also deliver customised education across the continent to African and global clients.

From our Johannesburg office of about 30 staff members, we offer qualifications in South Africa as well as open enrollment programs throughout Africa.

As both a global and local company, we are well-positioned to have continental reach. We join local insights to cutting-edge global thinking to create truly customised programmes designed to local contexts. With experience in some 30 African countries, we deliver our education in-country, at an immersive level, rather than bringing participants into a brick-and-mortar classroom.

Africa is certainly an economic growth story with its resources, burgeoning business and growth rates, but we believe its biggest story is yet to be written by unlocking the talents of its people. Duke CE is well-placed and excited to join in that journey.

Duke CE Africa Leadership Programmes

Building on our legacy of tailored solutions, we’re excited to introduce Duke CE Africa Leadership Programmes. Our commitment to inclusivity remains unwavering, offering a diverse array of courses to keep you agile in the fast-paced business world. With renowned faculty, flexible learning options, and a focus on tangible outcomes, Duke CE continues to be your partner in shaping the future of executive education. Let’s continue our journey to unmatched success together.

ESG Leadership Academy

ESG Leadership Academy

Duke CE has developed the ESG Leadership Academy to address the key knowledge, skills and mindsets required at all company levels throughout the learning and development journey.

Partnering with Duke CE

Custom Programmes

We build solutions grounded in your business context to help address your transformational challenges. Programs can be delivered in virtual, blended and face-to-face formats and address challenges like deep skill acquisition, behavior and mindset changes, new habits and practices, strategy and culture change.

Financial Times Ranking

For two decades, the Financial Times has consistently ranked Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) among the top global custom executive education providers. This year, Duke CE was ranked #1 worldwide.

Duke CE #1 Worldwide in Financial Times Custom Executive Education

Client Stories

Implats and Duke Corporate Education Partner to Help Leaders Develop and Innovate in Their Roles

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate leadership, organizations often find themselves seeking innovative ways to develop and nurture their talent.

Global Steel Manufacturer: Activating Future Leaders

Multi-National Steel Manufacturing: Calling Future Leaders to Action

This firm sees leaders as a lever to drive profit, growth and operational excellence. They are‘”future-proofing” their organization in a changing world to build resilience.

African Bank: Gearing New Grads with Innovative Learning 01

African Bank: Gearing New Grads with Innovative Learning

To attract young talent and differentiate themselves in the marketplace, this firm focuses on gearing GEN Y and GEN Z talent through a new graduate solution.


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