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Leonardo da Vinci

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Thought Leadership

Duke CE’s article library brings you the latest leadership insights from our thought leaders in Dialogue, our global magazine for managers and leaders. Access the whole library below, or explore specific topics in leadership, digital transformation, innovation, strategy, diversity & inclusion, and more.
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Dialogue: Thought Leadership

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Learning to fly

Learning agility is key to success in a fluid world What are the shifts that dominate leaders’ minds?…

Forging the future

ArcelorMittal’s partnership with Duke CE is helping shape the steel giant’s next generation of leaders. For those unfamiliar…

Generation generative

Generative AI can be friend not foe – with the right leadership. Like many leaders, we like to…

Human intelligence

Cisco EVP Francine Katsoudas puts people at the heart of technology. If you’ve spent 28 years of service…

You are not alone

Leaders’ roles have swelled. But help is out there. The purpose of a business is to create a…

What if Women Ran the World?

A thought experiment for Human Rights Month and International Women’s Month Imagine a world run entirely by women….

Leadership series

Ready to explore today’s business challenges and new solutions with experts from Duke CE and our global educator network?

In these episodes, you’ll learn from real-life experiences and informative discussions. We cover everything from digital transformation to neuroscience, strategy, the future of work and more. Episodes are 45 minutes with time for Q&A.

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Transformational Technical Leadership for the New Now

Leadership Series Webinar Session Date: 27 June 2022 Leaders and organizations need to adapt at speed and scale…

The Neuroscience of Trust and Implications for Diverse Teams

Leadership Series Webinar Session Date: 17 February 2022 Building a culture that embraces the tension between trust and…

Team Coaching: The Leader’s Playbook for High-Performing Teams

Leadership Series Webinar Session Date: 30 September 2021 Teams are the new atomic unit of work. Within the…

Duke CE client stories

Interested in learning how we solve business challenges across industries? We’ve worked with hundreds of clients across four continents. Our success stories will help you find out more about the Duke CE leadership experience.

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Implats and Duke CE Partner to Help Leaders Develop and Innovate in Their Roles

Implats, a prominent player in the mining industry, recognized the need to cultivate effective leadership within its ranks and turned to Duke CE to craft…

dentsu: Modern Leadership

In order to achieve its corporate philosophy, dentsu partnered with Duke CE on a co-created program, Leading a Profitable Business, for high-potential senior executives…

Caterpillar: Bolstering Profitable Growth Through Leadership

Caterpillar’s leadership development program was designed to bolster Caterpillar’s enterprise strategy for sustained profitable growth by targeting 25 influential leaders…

“Implats has always recognized the importance of strong leadership. But we knew that we were moving into new territory, and that demanded a new approach to how we develop leaders.”

Lee-Ann Samuel, Group Executive for People, Implats


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