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ESG Leadership Academy

Develop your leaders to creatively align value with values to shape a sustainable and inclusive future. Our ESG learning offerings include certificates for company executives, 400+ ESG online courses, and custom-designed programming. Learn more.

Client Story: Jacobs Amplif(i)3 Program

Jacobs has redefined its strategy to better compete in a complex and fast-changing marketplace. The Jacobs-Duke CE team evolved the Executive Leadership Program into the Amplif(i)3 program to bring Inspiration, Inclusion and Innovation to life within the company’s culture to the next tier of leaders at Jacobs.  Learn more.

Building Strategic Agility Online Course

Explore our course on Building Strategic Agility, designed to help leaders be more agile and equip them with new skills, tools and instincts to navigate today’s environment and build more strategic agility into their organizations. This course is available in a blended format for cohorts and a self-paced online format for individuals.  Learn more.

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Leadership Insights

Duke CE Ranked #1 Worldwide in Custom Executive Education

Ranked #1 by Financial Times

The Financial Times has ranked Duke Corporate Education #1 worldwide in custom executive education in its 2023 Executive Education Ranking.

Everything all at once

Leading in a polycrisis demands strategies fit for an increasingly divided world. Insights from Sharmla Chetty and Vishal Patel.

Video: About Duke CE

The greatest problems facing organizations today no longer fit in neat categories such as operational, financial or technological. Our biggest challenges are more complex and blurred—and therefore more human. That is why leadership is more important now than ever before. So is context. Innovation, culture change, purpose, agility and shifts in behaviors and mindsets are the new change agenda. And, leaders are under pressure to accelerate their readiness. How will you win in a world that is unpredictable?

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