Jason Kulasingam

Project Director

Jason Kulasingam is a Project Director at Duke Corporate Education, where he works with a portfolio of clients to design and deliver immersive learning experiences.

Jason began his career at a start-up as a founding member of an IT consulting firm in San Francisco. After it was acquired, Jason shifted gears and moved east, transitioning into executive development at the Sanford School of Public Policy, Duke University. While at the Duke Center for International Development (DCID), he established and scaled a Custom Programs unit that delivered capacity-building programs in public finance, policy, and infrastructure, for emerging market governments including China, India, and Kazakhstan.

After completing his MBA at the Fuqua School of Business, Jason was recruited by the Washington-Post Company, where he opened and directed a profit-center in Washington, DC, for their Kaplan division. As Executive Director, he grew the center to $5m in revenue within 3 years, achieving profitability faster than the center’s peer group.

Jason joined Duke Corporate Education in 2015 as Director of Business Development, where he initiated and developed new client relationships including CVS Health, Amgen, Sprint, AbbVie, and Parker Hannifin.
He joined Singularity University in 2017 to explore the impact of exponential technologies and disruption, and as a Director of Strategic Relations, he worked closely with Coca Cola, Citi, AXA, and Posti, among others, to help them better understand and adapt to the disruptive forces reshaping their markets.

Jason returned to Duke CE in mid-2019 as a Project Director, so he could focus more on co-creating with clients and designing impact.

Contact Information

phone: +1 919 680 5688

Duke Corporate Education
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