Enabling transformation through education

Why work with us?

Change your leadership to change the world.

Our leadership offerings can transform organizations, innovate and execute success in the marketplace. We cultivate rapid experimentation, greater agility and harness the collective creativity and energy of people.

We believe in the power of developing leaders. We’re committed to helping leaders become a force for positive change in their organizations, the market and the world.

Why Work With Us

Develop your leaders to creatively
align value with values

Our sustainability offerings include certificates for company executives, 400+ ESG online courses, and custom-designed programming.

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Duke CE learning experiences

Developing customized programs is a process of co-creation. We work with you to understand your strategic objectives and build immersive, interactive learning journeys.

What we do depends on each individual client. We work with you to make sure everything from the type of solution, methodology, topics and faculty to the location of delivery is the right fit.

Because our learning programs are customized, our first concern is for your specific needs. Of course, we can deliver on campuses. But we also deliver at client sites around the world.

Yes! Our learning opportunities integrate a spectrum of experiences. Methods range in length from 30 minutes to a full day and are designed specifically based upon the desired learning modality. Our designs provide frameworks created to ensure participants experiment with newly learned skills and behaviors. Our selection of over 100 methods also provides participants with expert feedback, giving them confidence and understanding to deploy learning immediately in the workplace.

  • Digital transformation
  • Strategy
  • Business transformation
  • Innovation
  • ESG
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging
  • Growth and culture

Explore the My Duke CE platform

What does Duke CE’s signature online learning platform offer?
  • A fully digital format that hosts all your learning programs
  • A customizable digital learning journey
  • A transformative space that supports collaboration and customization
  • Virtual learning experiences and unique multi-modal approaches
  • A portal for the best online learning experiences and hybrid training programs
  • All relevant thought leadership content

Our approach

To achieve lasting change, leaders need to alter their underlying beliefs and behaviors – what they do, what they say and how they show up. Shifting mindsets is essential to motivating and engaging commitment to organizational values, beliefs and strategies. Our proprietary design methodology incorporates the right balance of content, context and experience – with experiential methods that vary widely in format, from metaphoric to hyper-realistic.

We design our programs around three key questions. As a result of this program, what do participants need to


Ways of working

Ways of Working
We take a stand on leadership issues and infuse the solutions into everything we do. We’re shifting mindsets of leaders every day!
We are a design and change partner and catalyst that accelerates leadership within organizations to solve intractable problems and create impact. 
Education isn’t what we do – it’s in service of what we do. We change leaders through their teams, to change their organizations, and to ultimately change the world.

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The world of leadership development is complex and ever evolving. Our library of articles and insights will help answer some of the latest questions in business and leadership.