Our People


Abbate, Sonya
Ahmed, Maryam
Almeida, Eduardo


Babajide, Areoye
Bandklayder, Michelle
Barrows, Ed
Barsch, Nadia
Benton, Christopher
Bhamjee, Mahomed
Bischoff, Kirsten
Boudreau, Olivia
Brown, Chelsea
Bullard, Antoinette
Bullock, Rachel
Butler-Adam, Matthew


Carter, Carla
Chavez, Michael
Chawsusuzin, Isabella
Chen, Eva
Chetty, Sharmla
Chhabra, Saadhika
Chivere, Brian
Chu, William
Conroy, Patrick
Crawley-Wise, Victoria
Crite, David
Cross, James
Cwalana, Masabata


Daud, Muhammad
Davydenko, Mary
Dentlinger, Liesel
Domingo, Candice
Dorszynski, Jocelyn


Frick, Barbara


Greenaway, Anne
Griesbach, Stuart
Griffin, Natalie
Groothof, Christien
Grubb, Ed


Haddad, Raed
Hansraj, Avisha
Hardesty, Cameron
Harduth, Zee
Harling, Rafia
Hawkins, Jacqueline
Heintzelman, Maddie
Helget, Mercy


Ispir, Christian
Iwisi, Milcah


Jalil, Nurul


Kerr, Carolyn
Krebs, Peter
Kulasingam, Jason


Larsen, Ronelle
Lee, Bi Zhi (Peggy)
Lee, Christine
Lee, Doris
Lim, Nicholas
Litshani, Victor
Loh, Janice


Maheshwari, Divya
Mahlathi, Natasha
Makhaza-Buthelezi, Pume
Mann, Lauren
Maralack, Matthew
Mathews, Amy
Mathews, Paul
Maughan, Kevin
Mazibuko, Dawn
McEwan, Michelle
Mendonca, Manuela de
Mdhluli, Khanyi
Mohlala, Mpho
Mpeta, Nomacala
Mulder, Merel
Munnisunker, Nishen


Naicker, Prenisha
Naidoo, Angie
Naidoo, Daashah
Ngceke, Zizipho
Nolan, Henry
Nyembe, Sipho


Ozmen, Alpin


Patel, Vishal
Posadas-Nava, Marianthy
Prior, Millie
Pugh, Raquel


Radhakeesoon, Vinod
Raja, Mohammed
Rao, Sasirekha
Reid, Destiny
Robers, Christine
Russinger, Faye


We hire people of exceptional talent, energy and intellectual curiosity who help us redefine custom education. We look for consultants; organizational development, leadership development and human capital experts; academics and educators; instructional/curricular designers; and people who combine experience in business, education and technology.

Duke Corporate Education appreciates and values diversity within our community–for it is through our diverse and exceptional staff that we are able to best serve our clients. As an organization we are committed to building and sustaining an environment conducive to capitalizing on diversity as a source of intellectual, personal and professional growth and innovation.

Therefore, we take positive action to promote equality of opportunity and inclusion. All decisions about recruitment, hiring, retention, transfers, promotions, demotions, terminations, training and development of staff are made without regard to race, sex, religion, color, creed, national origin, marital status, age, disability, military status or other legally-protected characteristics.