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September 2023

A new Sputnik moment?

A new Sputnik moment?

In a divided world, the mobilization of private resources is crucial for addressing societal needs. Government strategies have[…] Read More

June 2023

March 2023

September 2022

June 2022

Radical reinvention

Radical reinvention

Legacy companies urgently need to rethink their operating models – and there’s more to it than just copying[…] Read More

March 2022

Abstract image of the Chinese flag covered by an image of Earth

A new role for China

China is not just a fast-growing market or supply chain hub. For global companies, it’s an increasingly important[…] Read More

December 2021

Find, develop, and leverage talent

The six looking glasses

Does your organization need to find, develop and leverage talent? Look through a different lens. Consider recruiters screening[…] Read More