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Insights: Agility

Rehumanizing Leadership

Rehumanize your leadership

June 2020

Organizations thrive when they meet humanity’s hardwired needs for purpose and empathy, write Sudhanshu Palsule and Michael Chavez.[…] Read More

Financial Cycle Time

Stay fast and focused

June 2020

The latest research on business agility from Joe Perfetti underlines the imperative for leaders to move at pace.[…] Read More

The age of empowerment

The age of empowerment

December 2021

One chief executive is no longer enough. It’s time for organizations to make distributed leadership a reality. We[…] Read More

Transformation mindset

The transformation mindset

September 2021

The latest neuroscience shows how to develop the right frame of mind for leading continual transformative change. Unprecedented[…] Read More