Strategy in the Digital Revolution

A Masterclass for Cohorts

Digital had already established itself as a primary driver of winners and losers across industries, and the COVID-19 crisis has only accelerated the urgency with which organizations need to evolve their strategies and business models. As Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft, has declared: “We’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in two months.”

In a context of massive disruption and exponential change, incremental approaches are not fit for purpose. New foundations have emerged that will underpin competition for the next generation. Post-crisis, the winners will be led by leaders who have reinvented their strategies and thinking to adapt to these new foundations and developed new strategic capabilities in their organizations.

“We can no longer think about strategy without innovation and we can no longer think about innovation without digital. In leading organizations, these are becoming one and the same.”

Ryan McManus, founder and CEO of Techtonic

Strategy needs to move at the speed of digital for an organization to survive and thrive. The firms that will be successful will adopt a new strategy playbook that adapts to ongoing complexity and speed, looking well beyond the short-term planning horizon. They will understand technology beyond the purely executional and reframe it as a primary driver of both business strategy and innovation.

Now is the time for leaders and organizations to recalibrate portfolios, revisit strategy and redeploy their financial and talent resources to survive and thrive.

About the Masterclass

The Strategy in the Digital Revolution Masterclass is a modular series of live virtual sessions tailored to your organization’s needs. The series is an end-to-end learning experience that spans from concept understanding to application in the workplace, to business model evolution. There are opportunities for the executive learner to engage, explore and experiment with the content through curated resources designed to maximize the masterclass experience, explore emerging examples through case studies and company-specific discussions and applications, and consider implications for their own business model.

Series Objectives

  • Enhance their entrepreneurial and digital mindset and approach
  • Understand how strategy, innovation and digital have changed because of the digital revolution
  • Apply the tools of the New Strategy Playbook to drive the creation of new strategic capabilities in their organization
  • Practice critical behaviors which support growth, innovation and digital transformation

Each virtual session in this series is interactive and includes leading-edge research to help organizations develop new strategic capabilities at the intersection of strategy, growth, innovation, and digital to address changing customer and competitive contexts, to challenge and enhance current thinking, and to drive new working practices. Each event is approximately 90 minutes in duration.

Virtual Session 1 – Strategy in the Digital Revolution

Virtual Session 2 – The New Strategy Playbook

Virtual Session 3 – Technology Evolution: From Foundations to Blockchain, 5G, IoT and AI

Virtual Session 4 – Strategic Options Portfolios in the Digital Revolution

Virtual Session 5 – Digital Risk Scenarios

Virtual Session 6 – Developing a Digital Transformation Roadmap

Virtual Session 7 – The Future of (Remote) Work

About the Educator

Ryan McManus

Ryan McManus is founder and CEO of Techtonic, a company focused on helping leaders and organizations to develop new strategic capabilities to think differently and thrive in a world of unprecedented uncertainty and opportunity through advisory, executive development and SaaS offerings.

Ryan guides organizations through digital transformation to become digital and data leaders and generate business results. He has over 20 years of leadership and effective execution experience across digital transformation, corporate strategy, global operations, startups and corporate boards. Learn more about Ryan McManus.

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