Building Strategic Agility

Course Description

Swift, dramatic change across markets today is making it increasingly difficult for organizations and their people to keep pace. Business models that worked well in the past are at a breaking point, and incremental adjustments will not suffice. Speed, complexity and digitization are creating greater uncertainty, competition and risk, but are also creating greater opportunities for agile organizations prepared to proactively shape the market. Capturing value today while also looking for the next advantage demands agility. Agile leaders are the greatest levers for the future success of an organization. 

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What You'll Learn

Learn to become a more agile leader to quickly capitalize on new opportunities
afforded by today’s fast-changing marketplace.

  • Understand complexity and synchronize the speed at which markets, organizations and people change and evolve.
  • Learn how to sense and act in real time using purpose and a customer-centric frame to identify new arenas and pivot quickly.
  • Balance the core and edge by using key metrics and data science to make faster, smarter decisions.
  • Learn new frames, tools and orientations to drive agility through culture, teams and networks.

Building Strategic Agility

This Course Includes:

  • 10 interactive video modules
  • 8 expert instructors
  • 8-10 hours of total effort
  • 9 application guides
  • 7 practice exercises
  • 9 downloadable guides
  • 1 certificate of completion
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Course Content

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Meet the Faculty

Rita McGrath


Rita has been central to our Building Strategic Agility course because she is one of Top 10 world-renowned thinkers on the topic of strategy and continues to set the pace in providing leaders the next set of perspectives, tools and techniques they need to compete in today’s disruptive world.

Learn more about Rita.

Hari Nair


Hari’s early work as part of Clayton Christensen's groundbreaking consulting firm Innosight, coupled with his experience working as an executive at companies like Kimberly Clark and Sime Darby, make him an asset to the Building Strategic Agility online course. He brings a provocative and practical approach to customer-centric innovation.

Learn more about Hari.

Michael Chavez


Michael’s background in strategy, leadership and the power of purpose - along with his time in learning and development at Coca-Cola and as CEO of Duke CE working with clients across the globe on real business problems - enables him to bring a thoughtful and actionable perspective on building a purpose-driven organization and agile culture.

Learn more about Michael.

Venkat Venkatraman


Venkat’s research, writing and real-world examples bring a fresh and comprehensive look at digital transformation, what he calls the greatest leadership challenge of the next decade.

Learn more about Venkat.

Scott Gamester


Scott's background and passion as a data scientist and real-world experience using data to change the way companies make decisions and interact with customers enables him to bring a fresh, application-oriented perspective on data science for all leaders -- not just the "data types."

Learn more about Scott.

Kathy Pearson


Kathy’s work with Decision Strategies International, the firm that brought Daniel Kahneman's Pulitzer Prize winning work on behavioral decision-making into the corporate sphere, combined with her work on scenario planning and optionality, enables her to identify the most important aspects of making faster, smarter decisions and share them in our course.

Learn more about Kathy.

Scott Keorwer

Scott Koerwer


Scott’s current work as Vice Dean for Graduate Studies at the Geisinger Commonwealth School of Medicine, where they are working to build more agile practices and teams, plus his real-world experience in strategy and business, positions him well to share practical tips and research on building agile teams.

Learn more about Scott.

Joe Perfetti


Joe’s experience across industries and depth of knowledge in the areas of strategy and finance, coupled with his creative nature, position him well to redefine business metrics and create a new dashboard for the future. Joe's cutting-edge work is helping businesses learn how to be more forward-looking and "pre-active" in the market.

Learn more about Joe.