From Resilience to Antifragility: Perspectives from Brain Science

A Masterclass for Cohorts

The most recent pandemic has materially changed how people think, feel and live. For example, in a recent COVID-19 survey, two-thirds of people were either anxious or depressed and 80% of them said they were distressed. Many businesses and leaders are in “survival” mode, preoccupied with defending their employees and companies from potentially disastrous financial consequences1. In this new psychological, social and financial environment, how can leaders distinguish themselves and inspire their teams and help their businesses to succeed and thrive?

Dr. Srini Pillay

“If you focus on innovation, take measured risks; unfreeze, thinking of the big picture; and commit to a bright future with a sense of possibility and resilience, you will meet coronavirus with an entirely different mindset. By all means, be cautious. But if you meet the challenges with this proactive approach and mindset strategy, you will be ahead of the curve with your business and ready to bounce back just when you need to.”

Dr. Srini Pillay, Harvard-trained psychiatrist and brain researcher, entrepreneur, McKinsey & Co. Think Tank member, and CEO of NeuroBusiness Group

As a leader, you have to do more than navigate and survive this new level of uncertainty. The winners will find new ways to understand and embrace this new reality and become “antifragile.” The concept of antifragility is learning how to thrive in disorder. It goes beyond our typical notions of resilience – raising our defenses and ability to withstand conditions.

The classic example of antifragility is Hydra, a Greek mythological creature that has numerous heads. When one is cut off, two grow back in its place. When you are antifragile, you defy the norm:

While some leaders believe that they should throw themselves into sleepless nights and problem-solving, there is evidence to suggest that this kind of obsessive (as opposed to harmonious) passion will eventually lead to burnout. Now is the time to prevent physical and emotional exhaustion so that you can guide your company and team to long-term success.

Series Objectives

This virtual offering is delivered as a series and is designed as a personal journey to becoming antifragile. We suggest taking all eight sessions as designed, but we’re open to discussing a different path if it helps your leaders to get started.

  • Evaluate individual fears and learn brain-based methods for a new mental playbook for leaders and organizations during pandemics and future emergencies.
  • Devise and commit to a psychological and physical plan to protect your body and more effectively manage time and strategic goals during this stressful period.
  • Commit to at least three proactive nutritional steps to optimize your physicality, thinking and emotions.
  • Learn relationship strategies to optimize team cohesion and effectiveness at a time when people are not emotionally and physically at their best, and how to sustain cohesion when they come together again.
  • Review brain-based methods to elevate creativity and collective problem-solving and effectively apply them during this time against a range of different types of challenges.
  • Connect antifragile mindset, principles, and practices to elevate your daily leadership and help achieve your team’s strategic goals.

About the Educator

Dr. Srini Pillay

Dr. Srini Pillay is the CEO of NeuroBusiness Group, a company that specializes in developing transformational leaders, voted one of the Top 20 “movers and shakers” in leadership development in the world by Training Industry.

Srini prepares and delivers top-rated leadership development courses and plenaries for clients such as Novartis, Lockheed Martin, Willis Group, Prudential, Pfizer, Fortune 500 food/beverage companies, and some of the largest Fortune 100 consulting firms. He has also trained leaders at The MITRE Corporation, The Department of Defense and The Institute for Law Enforcement with great acclaim. When the UN, World Bank and the International Monetary Fund seek to empower their leaders, they call Srini Pillay. He speaks and teaches throughout the US, Canada, London, Paris, Switzerland, India, Greece, Romania, Dubai and Brazil. An internationally recognized expert in applied brain science and human behavior, he addresses both specialists and general audiences on these topics throughout the world. Learn more about Dr. Srini Pillay.

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1 Coronavirus 2020 – Managing Economic and Business Impact
Accessed April 8, 2020.