Digital Leadership for Digital Transformation

A Masterclass for Cohorts

Digital has emerged as the primary driver of winners and losers across industries, and the pandemic has only accelerated the speed at which digital transformation is required. But while trillions of dollars is being spent on digital transformation, only a small fraction of organizations are seeing the growth and returns they expected.

Companies can’t win in the digital economy with playbooks from the analog age. Impactful digital transformation requires new models and approaches, and successful organizations demystify digital and identify the strategic, technology and organizational changes required to win.  

Duke CE’s Digital Leadership for Digital Transformation Masterclass will equip leaders with the knowledge and hands-on experience required to develop new digital mindsets, understand the impacts of emerging technologies, apply new strategy and executional models, and develop the confidence they need to lead their organizations through this generational change and enable transformation at speed and scale.

Ryan McManus

“Leading in the digital revolution requires leaders to fundamentally think differently about strategy, investment, culture—and themselves.”

Ryan McManus, founder and CEO of Techtonic, Duke CE educator

About the Masterclass

The Digital Leadership for Digital Transformation Masterclass is a modular series of live virtual sessions tailored to your organization’s needs. The series is an end-to-end learning experience that builds Digital Leaders that are future-ready with the expertise, mindset, and tools to execute digital transformation. There are opportunities for the executive learner to engage, explore and experiment with the content through curated resources designed to maximize the masterclass experience, explore emerging examples through case studies and company-specific discussions and applications, and consider implications for their own leadership and businesses.

Series Objectives

  • Develop the digital mindset to develop and lead their organization’s new growth and digital transformation strategies
  • Understand the digital revolution and work with the new strategy playbook to drive the creation of new capabilities in their organization, including hands-on applications of digital business models, digital transformation roadmaps, enterprise growth investments and cross-enterprise organizational frameworks
  • Demystify the emerging technology landscape and learn business applications across 5G, IOT, Cloud, AI, and others
  • Learn to lead and act like explorers, catalysts, builders and connectors to drive digital transformation

Each virtual session in this series is interactive and includes leading-edge research to help organizations develop digital leadership capabilities for digital transformation. The individual sessions are 90-120 minutes in duration.

  • Foundations of Digital Transformation:  Evolution of the Revolution
  • Emerging and Future Tech:  Blockchain, 5G, IoT, AI, Quantum and beyond
  • Industry Disruption:  Inflection Points, Patterns and Drivers
  • Data, Digital Business Models and the Four Levels of Digital Strategy
  • Digital Leadership for Digital Transformation
  • Incubators, Accelerators, Ecosystems and Corporate Ventures
  • Building a Digital Transformation Roadmap
  • Optional: Ongoing Coaching

About the Educator

Ryan McManus

Ryan McManus is founder and CEO of Techtonic, a company focused on helping leaders and organizations to develop new strategic capabilities to think differently and thrive in a world of unprecedented uncertainty and opportunity through advisory, executive development and SaaS offerings.

Ryan guides organizations through digital transformation to become digital and data leaders and generate business results. He has over 20 years of leadership and effective execution experience across digital transformation, corporate strategy, global operations, startups and corporate boards. Learn more about Ryan McManus.

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This masterclass is designed for cohorts at organizations. We offer a free on-demand webinar for individuals interested in this topic.