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Building Strategic Agility

In today’s fast-paced environment, organizations and leaders must be able to execute against their core strategies, while also identifying new sources of competitive advantage and pivoting quickly. This multidisciplinary online course builds more agile leaders to help organizations survive and thrive in the digital era.

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Building Financial Acumen

Building Financial Acumen

Expand your financial knowledge so you can ask better questions, spot problems, make better decisions, and increase your impact and influence in the organization. This online course for non-financial managers is led by Professor Joe Perfetti, who brings a wealth of real-world knowledge and industry expertise.

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Adaptive Strategic Execution Program

Adaptive Strategic Execution

Established in partnership with Strategy Execution, our Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP) consists of eight courses and is designed to help you lead smarter project-based work in a more complex world.

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  • World-Class ExpertsOur online courses are designed and led by world-class subject-matter experts. For each problem-centered course, we draw on our diverse network of leading educators from around the globe.

  • Real-World InsightsEach online course includes real-world insights and practical application gleaned from our work with clients in a variety of industries in more than 80 countries around the globe.

  • Academic RigorPart of Duke University, we are a blend of a business and university, bringing a sharp focus on client outcomes and academic rigor and research.


  • seeing around corners

    Seeing Around Corners

    Episode 6:
    Seeing Around Corners: Spotting Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen

    What is strategy in an age of exponential change? How do we ensure our organizations are agile enough to see and seize the next wave of value?

    Rita McGrath, a globally-recognized thought leader and author in strategy and innovation, shares key ideas from her upcoming book, Seeing Around Corners. You’ll learn why businesses must become strategically agile, constantly adapting to catch the next value wave, and how leaders can develop the skill to see early signals of change and prepare their organizations to act quickly.

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  • digital disruption

    Futureproofing Organizations for Digital Disruption

    Episode 5: Futureproofing Organizations for Digital Disruption

    Every industry faces new realities in the digital future. Business models and practices that have been tried-and-tested in the industrial age may not work going forward. Harvard Fellow Hari Nair and author of The Digital Matrix N Venkat Venkatraman share how to futureproof your organization by preparing next-generation leaders to recognize and respond to shifts in the digital era.

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  • future of learning

    The Future of Learning: Learn to Work

    Episode 4: The Future of Learning: Learn to Work

    The future of work is changing, and so must learning, so that we are prepared for the unknowns of continuous change. #1 global voice for education on LinkedIn Heather McGowan and leading technology analyst Chris Shipley discuss how to reimagine the career arc and retool our organizations for a very different future of work and learning.

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  • leadership innovation

    Get Ready to Launch Your Next Innovation

    Episode 3: Get Ready to Launch Your Next Innovation

    Learn how to tackle a launch  – whether it is a new idea, project, business or career. Launching anything successfully means challenging the status quo and overcoming uncertainty. Hear from Sanyin Siang, Executive Director at the Coach K Center for Leadership and Ethics at Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business and professor at Duke’s Pratt School of Engineering.

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  • collaboration leadership training

    How Successful Leaders Manage Collaborative Overload

    Episode 2: How Successful Leaders Manage Collaborative Overload

    The collaborative intensity of work has exploded over the past decade. Most leaders spend 85% of their time on emails, meetings and phone calls. Professor of Global Business at Babson College Rob Cross shares how high-performing organizations and professionals harness the power of networks to innovate, execute and gain back 20% of their time by avoiding the pitfalls of collaborative overload.

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  • design for disruption

    Designing Organizations for Digital Disruption

    Episode 1: Designing Organizations for Digital Disruption

    Technology is rapidly disrupting how we interact and work. Our organizational structures are becoming outdated and need to be more agile to respond to these shifts. Justin Ferrell, a professor in design thinking at Stanford’s d.school, will explain how we can learn from digital user behavior to design creative and agile teams that are prepared for digital disruption.

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