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Diversity and inclusion

A job for everyone

June 2021

Hiring for diversity-related roles is booming. It’s a good first step for organizations seeking to become more inclusive[…] Read More

Ben Walker

A leading voice in design thinking

September 2019

Ben Walker meets Duke Corporate Education’s Renaissance Man Others are perhaps the greatest observers your own characteristics. “People have extended opportunities to me that I didn’t see myself,” says Justin[…] Read More

Mike Canning

Bring chit-chat back

September 2021

Informal moments matter A novel operating environment demands a radical approach. Leading amid maximum uncertainty, complexity and with[…] Read More

Sanyin Siang

Build a culture of hope

December 2020

There’s an organizational competency which is rarely discussed but much needed. Similar to many of you, I’ve been[…] Read More

Culture by design

Culture by design

December 2020

When Pramod Bhasin created financial services firm Clix, he realized it needed a culture that put customers first[…] Read More