Design Thinking

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Reimagining Problems to Create Smarter, Faster Solutions

Design Thinking Matters.  Companies and leaders today need new ways to solve new challenges and seize opportunities faster to stay ahead. Design Thinking is a process and a capability that transforms how we think, work and reimagine how we solve a wide range of problems and deliver value to customers, external and internal. It can be applied to products, services and processes. It provides a structure to navigate complexity and, in the process, builds creative adaptive problem solving leaders and teams.

At Duke Corporate Education, we work with you to infuse this capability in your organization by engaging your leaders or teams in a real world problem-based workshop customized for your organization.


“The dominant idea behind strategy – establishing a sustainable source of competitive advantage – is becoming irrelevant. We need a new playbook to compete and win when competitive advantages are transient. Companies need to get better at figuring out what people really need and will pay for, at designing better experiences and wresting new efficiencies from existing assets.”

-Rita McGrath


Our Partner: Justin Ferrell
Creator, collaborator and educator

Justin teaches Stanford graduate courses in design thinking, creativity and organization design. He also teaches execu­tives at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, and has worked with executive education programs at Aalto Univer­sity in Finland and EGADE Business School in Mexico. His consulting clients have included Hewlett-Packard, IDEO and Citi Ventures, and he has led many innovation workshops, including sessions for Dow Jones, Facebook, Nedbank, Google, Infosys, NRK, SAP, The Aspen Institute, The New York Times, The United Nations, the U.S. Department of State and the World Economic Forum.


Design Thinking offers a five-step process to help your leaders reimagine and reframe problems to create smarter, user-centered solutions.

The problem-based experiential workshop equips leaders or teams with the design tools, critical skills and mindset to navigate complexity, see and seize new opportunities, and lead differently. The workshop provides a fun and fast-paced way to build the innovative capacity of your leaders and teams.

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