ESG Leadership Academy

Developing leaders to creatively align Value with Values to shape a sustainable and inclusive future: a new mindset for an ESG world.

Duke CE has developed the ESG Leadership Academy to address the key knowledge, skill and mindsets required at all company levels throughout the learning and development journey. The learning journey encompasses a variety of delivery methods, guiding leaders through immersive experiences to effectively bridge the know-do gaps that many organizations experience.

ESG encompasses a wide variety of topics with the potential to align positive societal impact and business value creation.

ESG is becoming an increasingly important topic for business leaders

It’s real: 90% of S&P companies now publish ESG reports

It’s growing: 14x growth in money invested in Sustainable Funds between 2018 and 2021

It’s inevitable: $50trn expected ESG assets by 2025, according to Bloomberg

The six Duke CE core beliefs on ESG capability building

Start at the top
Inspire Board & CXOs to embed ESG into strategy, organizational structure, incentives

Get to the bottom
Scale-up the program to reach the critical employee mass to really transform

Empower managers
To lead the change across the organization, equip them with influencing techniques

Champion collaboration
Learn from other players and partner to achieve common goals

Address the underlying mindsets
Required to enable consistent and sustainable ESG aligned behaviors at all company levels

Let impact be your north star
Embrace a pragmatic bias to action to get beyond the know-do gap

Learning Experience

Duke CE’s ESG Leadership Academy learning journey encompasses a variety of delivery methods, guiding leaders through immersive experiences to effectively bridge the know-do gaps that many organizations experience.


Facilitated workshops
Digital, self-paced courses
Curated material to read


ESG immersive case studies
Simulation games
Augmented reality


Write action plans
Launch ESG Ambassadors

Duke CE’s ESG Leadership Academy addresses the learning and development needs for the different company audiences. The delivery format will be customized to the audience (Board and CXOs, Senior Managers, Front-line employees), addressing the key knowledge, skills and mindsets required to succeed – at all company levels.

ESG Leadership Academy escalates in your organization through four major approaches

1. Train the trainers to scale ESG bootcamp: Company trainers progressively take over delivery

2. ESG ambassadors land to local context: ESG ambassadors are trained to take ESG learnings

3. Digital learning: Online asynchronous ESG fundamentals course

4. Multi-client ESG collaborative platform: Access to Duke CE’s virtual ESG platform

Our current ESG offerings


1. ESG Strategy Masterclass

Masterclass for Boards to help them influence the integration of ESG in their companies’ strategy

2. ESG Duke Certificate

End-to-end ESG learning journey for senior managers focused on embedding ESG on their operations and leading the change

3. ESG Learning Series

An ESG learning journey for middle managers to enable them start acting on ESG strategy

4. ESG Leadership Community

A digital platform for continued education and community building


5. Climate Essentials

Easy-to-digest digital content for climate basics

6. ESG Essentials

1h online content on the evolution of ESG and its criticality for businesses

7. Leading in an ESG era

Online learning on how to lead differently in an ESG driven world

8. ESG for Boards

1h online learning covering board duties overseeing ESG strategies

9. Board Games

Workshops on ESG deep-dives such as climate or circularity

10. ESG Dilemmas – what would you do?

Simulations to experience ESG related decision making


11. ESG Dual Materiality Assessment

Workshop to assess most material topics of ESG for the organization

12. ESG outside-in DD

Full assessment based on most respected ESG standards and ratings agencies to understand current performance on ESG metrics and comparison with other players

13. ESG Readiness Assessment

30 question survey to understand readiness to transform to a more sustainable company, and facilitated workshop around it

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