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June 2023


When losses mean growth

Applying 20th-century financial reporting rules to 21st-century businesses means that reported losses are not always losses. They might[…] Read More

December 2022

September 2022

Calculator showing "GAAP" on its screen, on a desk covered with charts and pens

Mind the GAAP

Why do companies provide non-standard profit numbers as part of their financial reporting? Every investor wants their company[…] Read More

June 2022

The pace of change

The pace of change

In an era of constant disruption, the ability to adjust course quickly is the difference between business failure[…] Read More

No more kings

No more false kings

Legacy banks must deliver for customers – or they will disappear. History is littered with quotes about the[…] Read More

March 2022

December 2021

Capital costs

Capital costs

Why does the cost of capital vary so widely from one business to another? It’s all about risk.[…] Read More

September 2021