About Us

Duke CE is a global learning and development company that uses innovative and flexible learning methods, processes and educators to help organizations achieve their goals. We educate and develop people at every level so that they can contribute to business success. We have three areas of practice: Programs, Advisory Services, and Learning at Work.

Duke CE was created in 2000 to provide companies with a learning and development  resource combining the best of business practitioners and academics. Duke CE is a not-for-profit support corporation for Duke University.   

At the Intersection of Business and Education

Duke CE’s focus is on building the capability to achieve business goals. Education can accelerate the performance of an organization by enabling its people to adopt new concepts, new actions and new behaviors that are required by the business strategy.

By being at the intersection of business and education, we address the primary reason that companies’ strategies fail: execution. Education is the vehicle by which a company’s people come to understand and believe in its strategy and learn to think and behave in ways that will make the strategy win in the marketplace.

Unique Character and Structure

Full-time professionals — Duke CE's team of more than 125 full-time employees includes business people; strategy experts; professional educators; psychologists and coaches; learning technology specialists; and a team dedicated to creating and tailoring learning methods to ensure the impact of every educational experience. Whether they originally come from business or university, our people are passionate about leveraging education to achieve business outcomes.

Network of world-class educators — From its outset, Duke CE was built to grow beyond the confines of a single academic institution's faculty. We have a dedicated team devoted to finding, evaluating, recommending and managing educators who come from all parts of the world and from a remarkable set of life experiences. Every one of our 900 educators is chosen because of their ability to create high value learning for business people. Our network contains faculty, coaches, facilitators, industry experts, retired executives, and subject matter experts as well as actors, ballerinas, and firefighters.

Global reach — We have delivered corporate education in 72 countries around the world. Our offices in London, UK; Ahmedabad, India; Johannesburg, South Africa; Singapore and the United States (Durham, NC, and San Diego, CA) allow us to think and work both globally and locally.  We design education solutions for the needs of the local market, industry and culture. Our global experience gives you access to business insights and best practices that comes from working with a large number of clients in a range of industries, around the world.

What It's Like to Work with Duke CE

We have been recognized by our clients as No. 1 in custom executive education by both the Financial Times and BusinessWeek from 2003 to 2013.

Working with Duke CE is like working with a colleague who shares your concerns, context and objectives. We start with the notion that anything is possible and work from there to arrive at a solution that best meets your specifications.