Adaptive Strategic Execution

By 2025, senior leaders and managers will spend more than 60% of their time selecting, prioritizing and driving the execution of projects. Join our on-demand webinar to learn how to lead smarter projects in a more complex world.

Smarter Project-Based Work for a More Complex World

As the environment in which we operate continues to grow more volatile and complex, organizations need a new playbook to seize opportunities faster. One consequence of this is projects and initiatives are rapidly becoming the primary means through which strategy is executed and key work is accomplished.

The volume and strategic importance of projects is growing in organizations. In 2017, corporate heads classified more than half of their projects as strategic initiatives. About a fifth of the world’s economic activity a year – $12 trillion – is now organized as projects. Over the next decade, organizations are expected to experience a 68% increase in project work.

Organizations need more leaders who can step up and lead more complex projects and initiatives in this dynamic operating environment. And, as individual  leaders, advancing today requires more than the essential skills to build plans and actively manage scope and performance –  it requires an adaptive mindset and skillset.  Leaders of projects  at every level must develop an adaptive mindset to guide the organization through today’s increasingly dynamic and complex context.

In response to the project revolution, we launched a new certificate program in partnership with Strategy Execution. The Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP) equips project leaders with an adaptive mindset, toolset and skillset to execute strategy in a volatile world.


If you are involved in leading projects or functions, then the Adaptive Strategic Execution Program is for you.

The program will equip you with the necessary adaptive leadership skills to succeed in our volatile and complex environment:

  1. Make sense of the complex context within which the strategy must be executed
  1. Manage stakeholder relationships to ensure successful strategy execution
  1. Align strategy with work activity to reduce the strategy execution performance gap
  1. Apply design thinking to improve the results of strategic initiatives
  1. Influence work activities to optimize strategy execution
  1. Deliver optimal business value while executing the strategy
  1. Build highly effective distributed and diverse strategy execution teams
  1. Drive and influence the change required to execute the strategy


Certificate Path

The Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP) curriculum consists of eight courses, each of which is purposefully designed to extend the mindset, toolset and skillset of leaders of projects.   The program is delivered through flexible formats that increase reach and improve learning and impact through blended/modern learning and is delivered on site, online and through open enrollment. Through open enrollment, leaders receive certification and build the skills to raise their game and elevate their careers. Companies get a cadre of leaders who are the catalysts to run successful projects and move the organization forward.

To complete the certificate, leaders must take six of eight courses.

Required courses:

 Elective Courses (choose and complete four of the six)

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