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April 16-18  Making Sense of Complexity
April 18th to 20th  Driving and Influencing Change

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Smarter Project-Based Work for a More Complex World

With disruptive technologies, new forms of competition, and far-reaching globalization, every industry has become more volatile and complex. Not only has this dynamism made the future less predictable, it has forced a tighter coupling between strategy formulation and execution. With less ability to predict the future and greater need for speed to stay ahead of competition, organizations must be able to sense and adapt in real time. While some of this adaptive capability is embedded in organizational processes and technology, the greatest source of competitive leverage in these situations comes from leaders. Having a cadre of flexible, adaptive leaders is a critical asset.

The volume and strategic importance of projects is growing in organizations. While organizational technology and processes are part of building a more adaptive organization, leaders are the key leverage point. Download our article on The Project Revolution to learn more.


 On Campus

On April 16th —20th, 2018,  the Adaptive Strategic Execution Program will be delivered on the Duke University campus offering leaders an opportunity to fully focus on building the skills they need away from the day-to-day distractions of work. Each course provides a 2.5 day experience integrating the best faculty and educators from Duke’s Fuqua School of Business and Duke CE alongside Strategy Execution’s highly skilled facilitators. Proven practice melds with professors from one of the world’s top business schools in this one of a kind experience. Participants will not only experience leading edge content, world-class instruction, high value networking and expert facilitation, they will do so from inside the recently renovated J.B. Duke Hotel & Conference Center. Hands-on experiences and activities will deepen the learning and provide a truly world-class educational program. Classes will be offered spring and fall of each year enabling leaders to complete the certificate program in one year. Enroll Now


Dr. Tony O’Driscoll

Academic Director, Fuqua School of Business and Global Head of Duke CE Labs

Tony will be teaching Making Sense of Complexity, April 16-18, 2018.

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Leaders are the Levers Who Make a Difference

In this demanding operating environment where projects are both pervasive and critical, building adaptive strategic leaders is essential. The traditional theory of leading projects centers on tightly managing cost, scope and schedule. These disciplines are still essential as are developing great plans and creating effective routines.  They are necessary but insufficient.  Today, the ability to adapt to changing conditions, design innovative solutions to new challenges, and collaborate more intensely while influencing are equally important. The new Adaptive Strategic Execution Program (ASEP), offered by Duke Corporate Education and TwentyEighty Strategy Execution, is designed to address this full set of challenges to prepare project leaders.

Participants learn how to thrive by mastering how to lead skillfully across the three fundamental domains of strategy, people and work. Learning to integrate these domains effectively enables organizations to maximize agility in strategic execution, which not only improves their results, but equips them to outmaneuver competition. Today, leaders of project-based work at every level must develop an adaptive mindset to guide the organization through the increasingly dynamic, emergent, and collaborative context. Project-based work leaders must simultaneously navigate the three domains by:

Project Leaders Must:

Make sense of the complex context within which the strategy must be executed

Manage stakeholder relationships to ensure successful strategy execution

Align strategy with work activity to reduce the strategy execution performance gap

Apply design thinking to improve the results of project based strategic initiatives

Influence work activities to optimize strategy execution

Deliver optimal business value while executing the strategy

Build highly effective distributed and diverse strategy execution teams

Drive and influence the change required to execute the strategy

Curriculum: Certificate Path

The Adaptive Strategic Execution Program curriculum consists of eight courses, each of which is purposefully designed to extend the mindset, toolset, and skillset of the project-based work leader to navigate these domains in increasingly complex contexts.

The Adaptive Strategic Execution Program is delivered through flexible formats that increase reach and improve learning and impact through blended/modern learning. Through open enrollment, leaders receive certification and build the skills to raise their game and elevate their careers. Through the on-site contextualized offering, companies get a cadre of leaders who are the catalysts to run successful projects and move the company forward.

To complete the certificate, leaders must take six of eight courses.

Required courses: Aligning Work With Strategy, Making Sense of Complexity
Elective Courses (complete four of the six) : Influencing Without Authority, Building Effective TeamsDesign Thinking for Results, Managing Critical Relationships, Delivering Business Value, Driving and Influencing Change

Read a post from Managing Director Ed Barrows on why Strategic Alignment Demands New Skills  today.

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