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Three systems that will make or break an organization's strategic agility

Agility Architects

In many respects, strategic agility can be boiled down to three basic factors: the market, the organization, and the human.

Have You Articulated Your Team’s Purpose?

Much of the purpose dialogue to date has focused on enterprise-wide, corporate purpose statements or the “life purpose” of individuals. Often overlooked is the role of team purpose.  Steve LaChance of LPL Financial shares his insight on this topic with CEO Michael Chavez in Forbes.

Video: Leaders are the Levers

The greatest problems facing organizations today no longer fit in neat categories such as operational, financial or technological. Our biggest challenges are more complex and blurred—and therefore more human. That is why leadership is more important now than ever before. So is context. Innovation, culture change, purpose, agility and shifts in behaviors and mindsets are the new change agenda. And, leaders are under pressure to accelerate their readiness. How will you win in a world that is unpredictable?

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