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Environmental risk: Crisis to opportunity

As challenges around climate, water, land and waste become more acute, environmental risks are proving to be increasingly difficult to monitor and manage, as Duke University Professor Daniel Vermeer reports.

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The latest issue of Dialogue, delivered through the Duke CE and LID publishing partnership, explores how the risk pendulum and how we think about risk is shifting.

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QUEST: Preparing leaders for an uncharted world

Context matters more to leadership today. QUEST combines experiential learning and intense coaching to transform mindset and behavior. Leaders are able to recognize their default thinking, biases, and patterns so they revisit orthodoxies and gain broader perspective.

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The latest thinking from Dialogue

The latest issue of Dialogue, delivered through the Duke CE and LID publishing partnership, explores how the risk pendulum and how we think about risk is shifting. Experts share points of view across industries discussing how you can transform your outlook on risk from threat to strategic advantage.

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Reinventing Statoil: A bid to go global

Norwegian energy giant Statoil developed the leadership capability of ten senior managers in a bid to reinvent the company and position itself as a global leader in the oil and gas sector. Dana Bernstein speaks with Ian Turner to discuss how they did it.

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Dialogue: Is the risk pendulum swinging back?

Business leaders from various sectors express their views on taking risks and how to manage them successfully in the latest issue of Dialogue.

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Duke CE #1 for 12th year, Financial Times

Duke Corporate Education has been ranked the world’s #1 provider of custom executive education, according to the 12 May edition of the Financial Times. This is the twelfth consecutive year that Duke CE has taken top honors.

Duke CE has also been named the top provider of custom executive education programs in BusinessWeek’s biennial survey six consecutive times (2003-2013).

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Women Leading Africa

Gender equality in leadership is a topic of interest worldwide. Around the world women are vastly underrepresented at the board level of organizations. In Africa, between 3-4 percent of all directors and board members are women. In an effort to enhance women’s presence in board representation in Africa, Duke Corporate Education Africa has developed the Women Leading Africa “Board Leadership–Voices of the Future” initiative. 

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Opinion: Optimists wanted

CEO Mike Canning calls for optimistic leaders who can see opportunities, where others only see uncertainty and despair.

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TEDxEncinitas: From analytics to awareness

Duke CE CEO, Mike Canning, spoke at TEDxEncinitas on what's needed for leaders to adopt a new paradigm and get rewired for a world of constant disequilibrium.

He explains in this "rapids" like environment where we regularly face the unfamiliar, the source advantage shifts from analytics to awareness. We need to move from an old world of accumulating, analyzing, and planning, to a new world where being in the flow—actively engaging and experimenting and creating new knowledge in real time—is what's needed.

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Leading in Context

When Duke CE interviewed almost 40 CEOs from around the world for its 2013 CEO Study, the themes that emerged highlighted the changing nature of assumptions about the world, the marketplace and leadership authority.

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