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TEDx Encinitas: From Analytics to Awareness

Duke CE CEO, Mike Canning, spoke at TEDx Encinitas on what's needed for leaders to adopt a new paradigm and get rewired for a world of constant disequilibrium. He explains in this "rapids" like environment where we regularly face the unfamilar, the source of advantage shifts from analytics to awareness. We need to move from an old world of accumulating, analyzing, and planning to a new world where being in the flow—actively engaging and experimenting and creating new knowledge real time—is what's needed.

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The latest thinking from Dialogue

The latest edition of Dialogue explores the promise and peril of big data for leaders seeking to create, deliver and capture value in a world where change is accelerating.

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Leading in Context

When Duke CE interviewed almost 40 CEOs from around the world for its 2013 CEO Study, the themes that emerged highlighted the changing nature of assumptions about the world, the marketplace and leadership authority.

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Watch a detailed introduction of the Seven Sense-Abilities.

Women Leading Africa

Gender equality in leadership is a topic of interest worldwide. Around the world women are vastly underrepresented at the board level of organizations. In Africa, between 3-4 percent of all directors and board members are women. In an effort to enhance women’s presence in board representation in Africa, Duke Corporate Education Africa has developed the Women Leading Africa “Board Leadership–Voices of the Future” initiative. 

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The Digital Nervous System

Duke CE Regional Managing Director for Singapore, Tony O'Driscoll, investigates the promise and peril that big data presents for leaders seeking to create, deliver and capture value in a world where change is accelerating and competition is intensifying in the latest edition of Dialogue.

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Duke CE #1 in BW and FT 11 years straight

Duke CE is ranked the world’s #1 provider of custom executive education, according to BusinessWeek (7 November 2013) and the Financial Times (13 May 2013).

Duke CE has held the #1 spot in each since 2003.


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BG Group Hosts Live Discussion in Brazil

BG Group, a British multinational oil and gas company, recently held a session with Duke CE in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil aimed at customizing a human-centered design approach that they can use to solve a variety of challenges.

As part of the session, speakers discussed designing modern cities and working with communities, among other things

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Transforming Chinese Business

Duke Today spotlights Duke CE's program for Chinese State Owned Enterprise businesses. The program promotes innovation, cross-cultural skills and strategic thinking.


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Formula for the Future

When AstraZeneca implemented major changes to its strategy and leadership, they recognized the need to develop directors who would be equipped to adapt and thrive in the changing healthcare environment. They partnered with Duke CE in an innovative program to prepare Research & Development leaders worldwide.

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Data is the Key to Competition

Rapid advances in technology are set to solve massive problems and transform industries. Duke CE Educator and one of Time magazine's most influential minds in technology, Vivek Wadhwa, examines how analyzing large amounts of data from different perspectives can uncover cutting-edge insights and prevent errors in the future.

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