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Integrating the IT generation into business

Gen Z has entered the workplace, joining GEN Y or "Millenials," GEN X, and Baby Boomers. Integrating the IT generation into business features interviews with industry leaders from global companies to explore how businesses must adapt to accommodate the needs of four co-existing generations in the workplace.

To create the most value, a symbiotic relationship between the generations must be developed for productive mentoring and reverse-mentoring and to take advantage of the different skills each generation brings despite their differences.

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The latest from Dialogue

This issue of Dialogue examines healthcare and its impact on business—asking who will solve the healthcare challenges facing the world? A cross-section of the world's pharmaceutical business brains, doctors, campaigners, and commentators provide insights to address the challenges.

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Opinion: From collaboration to choreography

CEO Mike Canning outlines the increased importance of collaboration and particularly the need to become choreographers of disparate stakeholders as our world becomes increasingly connected and we move toward more ecosystems.

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Discovery-based leadership

What impact does the social age have on the way leaders have to turn up and lead? Duke CE Educators, Sudhanshu Palsule and Frank Guglielmo, write that leaders must undertake personal journeys of discovery and growth.

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Start with Why

Duke CE Regional Managing Director for Asia Tony O'Driscoll shares in Training Magazine that the key to developing engaging education lies in first establishing the motivation to learn.

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Financial Times Custom Ranking

Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) has been ranked the world’s #3 provider of custom executive education, according to the May 18th edition of the Financial Times. This is the fifteenth consecutive year that Duke CE has been ranked among the top three providers in the world.

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People strategy as a driver for change

Tap into the talents of your workforce and garner the support of each and every employee to effect organizational change and meet tough industry challenges, writes Sandeep Gandhi, VP of HR at Aircel.

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Transparency in the Pharma Ecosystem

Todays complex business environment requires companies to give greater attention to being transparent and earning public trust and the pharmaceutical industry is no exception. In the latest Dialogue, David Epstein, Division Head of Novartis Pharmaceutical, speaks to Liz Mellon about how Novartis is focused on putting the patient at the center of everything it does.

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Women Leading Africa

Gender equality in leadership is a topic of interest worldwide. Around the world women are vastly underrepresented at the board level of organizations. In Africa, between 3-4 percent of all directors and board members are women. In an effort to enhance women’s presence in board representation in Africa, Duke Corporate Education Africa has developed the Women Leading Africa “Board Leadership–Voices of the Future” initiative. 

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Leading in Context

When Duke CE interviewed almost 40 CEOs from around the world for its 2013 CEO Study, the themes that emerged highlighted the changing nature of assumptions about the world, the marketplace and leadership authority.

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See Mike Canning's TEDx, "From Analytics to Awareness."