Women in Leadership 2021 – Podcast

Event Highlights

In celebration of Women’s month, Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) in Africa, in partnership with The International Women’s Forum South African (IWFSA), hosted a virtual event to explore some of the most pressing issues that women are facing at this time.

We’ve been watching with concern as women have been disproportionately impacted by current events in South Africa and globally, erasing years of progress towards inclusive leadership and gender equality. We believe this presents an opportunity to re-engage and accelerate positive outcomes for women.

Listen to the podcast highlights of this event, which is hosted in collaboration with behavioral psychology author Timothy Maurice. We break our recent Women in Leadership event into digestible pieces that you can listen to while on the go.

Episode #1: Women for Radical Change

Women are a formidable force, accelerating generation equality and societal change. This debate, which can only be achieved through solidarity and inclusion, motivates how we mobilise the different sectors of society.

Episode #2: Panel Discussion – Voices of Today with Eyes on Tomorrow

A conversation with women who are inspiring equality amongst the generations by challenging the status quo and becoming game changers. This panel shares their experiences in this area and what they believe should shift or change and how the digital economy which has transformed society should evolve in the future.

Episode #3: Embracing Inclusive Leadership and Belonging

Leaders have the mandate to drive the change and to be the pioneers for inclusive and authentic leadership. What are their strategies to create allegiance amongst and for women, and how do they influence psychological safety in the workplace for the change to take place? Core to these strategies has to be wellness of mind in the workplace. These leaders share their strategies and how they will action the drive for change.

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