Pharma PIVOT Leading Minds Summit

Come together with leading experts in your industry to catalyze innovative thinking around how your business can survive and thrive in the new normal. This customized virtual learning experience will provoke thought and challenge norms in order to help your leaders adapt and succeed during these turbulent times.

PIVOT Leading Minds Summit is designed specifically for your organization and incorporates these content pillars: Purpose, Integration, Velocity, Open Innovation and Thriving.


Michael Chavez

Michael Chavez, Duke CE

Repurposing Pharma

Infectious Disease Market Disruption in Post-Pandemic Era

Discussion topics:

  • Pharma’s existential crisis: why do we exist?
  • Re-purposing Pharma: redefining organisational and scientific purpose in the age of the pandemic
  • Linking organisational and personal purpose in pandemic times.


Dr Vivienne Ming, Socos Labs

Maximising Human Potential through Technology

Navigating a Post-COVID World to Create a New Normal

Discussion topics:

  • Harnessing the power of technologies such as AI and big data.
  • Integrating humanity and technology: Acceleration of the potential of Telehealth
  • Future of Healthcare & Pharma – Driving toward better outcomes


Professor Rita McGrath, Columbia Business School

Strategic Agility and The Next Big Pivot

Riding the Wave of Pandemic Disruption in the Healthcare Ecosystem

Discussion topics:

  • Effects of pandemic disruption
  • Changes in industry drivers and markets for pharma
  • Rapid innovation challenges and being ahead of the curve
  • Winners and losers in the healthcare ecosystem: business model innovation

Open Innovation

Dr. Krishna Udayakumar

Dr Krishna Udayakumar, Duke Global Health Innovation

Accelerated Open Innovation in the Era of the Pandemic

What Next for Pharma Ecosystems?

Discussion topics:

  • Emergence of open innovation to solve COVID’s ‘wicked problems’
  • Global innovation bright sparks and lessons learned
  • Lessons from global innovators: pandemic innovation and signs of the future


Professor Dan Ariely, Duke University

Behavioural Dimensions of the COVID 19 Pandemic

Pharmaceutical Business Model Transformation

Discussion topics:

  • How COVID 19 is changing commercial and human behaviour
  • Emergent ecosystems accelerated by the crisis
  • Incentives and behaviours in response to the infectious disease markets.

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