Margaret van Steenderen

Margaret van SteenderenGlobal Talent Director

With over 20 years of experience in managing projects across organizations and departments, Margaret brings her experience across Learning and Development, Human Resources, Project Management, IT and Leadership coaching to Duke CE.  She has managed teams of 5 – 120 with budgets up to $7M.

Margaret is passionate about applying coaching and management skills to making Leader’s work lives more effective. She started her career in IT and worked as a contractor on multiple projects. She then joined a South African Gaming company. Margaret managed the Interactive Channel Department, which is telephonic (120 seat call center), online and mobile betting. She ensured regulatory compliance while managing the implementation of mobile betting channels and improving online betting channels. In addition, she implemented a new call center monitoring system; contributed significantly as a Subject Matter Expert for Gaming qualifications with regulatory bodies; and integrated business structures, processes and staff from an acquisition.

As part of a dual role, she worked as an interim HR Manager, at which she was a member of the Executive Committee and assisted the CEO with projects specific to the company integration as well as setting up strategic management sessions and implementing key initiatives. She then moved into a Group Learning and Development role, responsible for ensuring that all learning and development programs met corporate, legislative, and regulatory compliance utilizing various quantitative tools.  She implemented numerous training projects, including live video and computer-based training, ensured hundreds of staff members passed through training programs including two 12-month gaming and management certification programs.

Margaret has expertise in developing curriculum, project management, strategy, executive development, all designed to make a positive difference and be a catalyst for change. Moving to America from South Africa and working for Duke CE is a dream come true for her, and she is looking forward to making an impact which can be felt by customers, staff and the company.

BA: Psychology and Information Science, University of Johannesburg

MBA: University of the Witwatersrand Business School

MM: Business Executive Coaching, University of the Witwatersrand Business School

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