Preparing Leaders for Today’s Challenges

Preparing leaders requires a deep understanding of the challenges facing organizations. While there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to dealing with the forces driving change globally or within organizations, insights from our work with clients around the world reveal how the challenges continue to shift while reflecting some salient qualities needed in leaders today.
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Learning and Development Perspectives: Fast-Growing Markets

Duke CE’s biennial survey (produced in 2011) focuses in on India, South Africa and the Gulf, interviewing 30 L&D professionals to gain their insights.
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A Classroom Without Walls

Program participants are learning in and from the streets, shops, homes and businesses of countries to which they are unaccustomed. They experience the sights, smells and, at times, chaos of unfamiliar markets in culturally immersive experiences. Two are highlighted here.
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China Talent Development: Learning and Development Perspectives

Duke CE interviewed more than 30 companies between October 2010 and March 2011 to learn about business and talent challenges in China and gained advice on how we could best support talent development in China.
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Using Learning to Drive a Culture of Safety

Todd Warner and Ian Turner provide two examples of how cultural change can improve safety performance in industries such as engineering, energy, extractive and construction.
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Partners of Choice: Building a Flexible Workforce Through Relationships

Leah Houde and Justin Carlson describe an innovative way to look at relationships with members of your workforce who are not traditional full-time employees.
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Can We Talk About ROI?

Judy Rosenblum advises spending time on business goals, doing what you say you are going to do, and proving that you did it in this column on ROI.
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Leading in Turbulent Times

In stressful circumstances, leaders need to remember that not all risks are bad, and not all opportunities for growth disappear. Here is a three-part framework for leaders in turbulent times.

  1. External – What does value creation look like when markets are volatile?
  2. Internal – What organizational capabilities does your company need in order to capitalize on opportunities?
  3. Personal – What individual capabilities do leaders need to be effective in such times?

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Identifying and Developing Global Leaders

Schon Beechler and Dennis Baltzley identify the qualities leaders need to compete and win in a global context. Chapter 24 in Routledge Companion to Strategic Human Resource Management. J. Storey, P. Wright and D. Ulrich (Eds). New York. 2009.
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Learning and Development in 2011: A Focus on the Future

Duke CE’s 2009 client study, in the midst of the economic downturn, compiled the thoughts of 142 L&D professionals looking ahead.
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Breakthrough Model for Implementing Strategy

Judy Rosenblum describes the need to develop organizational capability as a crucial step in executing your strategy and taking your organization from its current reality to its business destination.
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Building the Future

Global businesses are finding that learning can happen anywhere, according to our resident Second Life guru Steve Mahaley.
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Destination Mumbai

A financial services firm takes leaders on an expedition to India to learn something new about customer service.
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Larger than Life

Negro League baseball icons help senior business leaders build trust and relationships with clients in the Art of Biography experience.
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Out of the Familiar

Duke CE’s Metaphoric Experience™ learning method takes participants out of their familiar context, getting them to experiment with new behaviors, skills and perspectives.
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