Our Educators

Global Educator Network

Duke CE is networked to deliver the right expertise and right fit at the right time.

Designing and delivering solutions that push the boundaries and have real impact require that we have access to a diverse, globally distributed set of resources. Duke CE has a well-developed, unique capability to bring the right educational resources to fit the solution. We regularly work with four hundred top faculty, facilitators, executives and coaches from around the world, as well as with unique experience providers with diverse specializations.

We work with you to select people who have the expertise, fit, and passion for guiding and challenging your leaders. These people are carefully selected and vetted for their fit as well as their ability to collaborate and customize.

Since our founding in 2000, more than 1500 educators have joined the network and taught in Duke CE programs. Below are a few of our exemplary educators from around the world. 

Christian Madsbjerg

Christian focuses on the kinds of methods and reasoning needed for fact-based investigations of emotions and decision-making processes. He is the co-author of The Moment of Clarity, an introduction to the human sciences in business. In partnership with Duke CE, he works to co-create experiences to guide breakthrough innovation with insight into how brands, products and services inhabit the lives and affect the mentalities of users.


Dorie Clark

Dorie is a marketing strategy consultant and a recognized branding expert. As a former political campaign spokeswoman and journalist, she is quoted frequently in the media, including NPR, the BBC and MSNBC. Dorie partners with Duke CE to develop programs that allow leaders to learn how to connect with audiences and tell their stories more effectively.

Sudhanshu Palsule

Sudhanshu is an award-winning educator and thought leader in the fields of Leading in Complexity and Transformative Leadership. His latest book, The Social Leader: Redefining Leadership for the Complex Social Age was published in 2014. He has also co-authored Managing in Four Worlds and Personal Growth – African Style. Sudhanshu’s work on leadership blends human cognition and behaviour with current research emerging from neurology and psychology, coupled with his training in quantum physics. Sudhanshu collaborates closely with Duke CE on senior level engagements around Authentic Leadership, Leading High Performing Teams, Adaptive Leadership, Leading 21st Century Organisations and Purpose and Significance.

Elsbeth Johnson

Elsbeth Johnson is an expert in Strategy, Leadership, Decision-making, Change and Organisational Culture. Drawing on her previous experience in investment banking, in business and in government, Elsbeth works with Duke CE clients as a facilitator, educator, coach and strategic adviser. She has worked with a range of Duke CE clients in healthcare, financial services, technology, and consumer products.

Carol Musyoka

Carol Musyoka has more than a decade of financial sector leadership and now partners with Duke CE to educate on one of our many programmes in East Africa. Carol is an example of an educator who is both embedded and connected in a specific region in the world as well as someone with global experience and expertise. She has facilitated a variety of leadership topics with Duke CE and is published on a weekly basis in Kenya’s leading newspaper.

Robin Speculand

Robin is a former Regional Vice President, Corporate Bank, Asia Pacific of Citigroup.  While there, he was responsible for the roll out of the global strategy across Asia Pacific. It was while he was with Citigroup and eventually consulting with a variety of multinational clients like Singapore Airlines, Microsoft, DBS and governments across five continents that he refined his strategy implementation tools and techniques. Robin is one of the most prolific writers on the subject and works with Duke CE to share actions leaders need to take to deliver on their strategy promises. 

José M “Pepe” González

José M “Pepe” González, a former Global Marketing and Business Development Vice President at the worldwide leader in Packaging and Processing Systems, Pepe partners with Duke CE to provide first-hand expertise together with a solid theoretical background in strategy, leadership and change management. His focus is on strategy creation and collaboratively leading execution and business transformations. Bringing more than 27 years of experience in working closely with local and multinational companies, he addresses a wide range of issues including high performing execution and leading change, effective strategic decision-making and leading customer centricity, drawing on both business-to-business and in business-to-consumer experience.

Byron Hanson

Byron is a former Managing Director at Duke CE. He’s delivered corporate education programs in, to-date, over 20 countries around the world for clients like Microsoft, Shell, HP, Altera, ANZ Bank, QBE Insurance, Genpact India, Rio Tinto, Transocean Asia Pacific, Woodside Petroleum, BHP Billiton, SCG Thailand, PGN Indonesia, New Zealand Telecom and the Government of Western Australia.  His research is focused on the macro perspective of employee development, and his work has been published in the Wall Street Journal, HR People and Strategy Magazine, the Journal of Advances in Human Resources and the Journal of Business and Management. He collaborates with Duke CE to design and deliver customized programs focused on solving strategic business problems and developing leaders for stronger organizational and individual outcomes.

Phil Merry

Educators: MerryPhil has vast global experience designing and delivering programs in more than 58 countries focused on growing business and organizational effectiveness through collaboration between people from different cultures. This work has established him as the “go to” expert for the United Nations, and he often facilitates discussions between senior UN teams and national governments on development issues. He is well known for the ability to link the “soft skills” of leadership to hard business results. Phil works with Duke CE to deliver programs that coach and develop teams to lead in the global multi-cultural environment.

Lola Chetti

Educator: ChettiLola’s extensive experience coaching senior executives from the public and private sectors has been focused on promoting emotional intelligence at work.  She coaches and runs group coaching workshops focusing on communication, conflict management, emotional intelligence and leadership development. Lola’s personality, origins (Indian origin, creole culture, western education), and interesting career in Mauritius as a lawyer and then Senior Magistrate at the Intermediate Court through to being a State Representative, enrich her ability to connect to leaders around the world. Her extensive travels include a stint in Paris volunteering to assist children and time in Malaysia as a part time volunteer for the UNHCR.