In an age of uncertainty, leadership in healthcare is critical. The disruption caused by the most recent health crisis shows that there is a worldwide need for nurse and healthcare leaders who are catalysts as well as stabilizers. In addition to unforeseen pandemics, factors like technological advancements and shifting regulations are changing the way healthcare operates and is delivered. Nurse and healthcare leaders have a critical and expanding role and are needed to advocate for better patient care.

To address the need for developing Nurse Leaders and Healthcare Leaders, we developed two online certificates with OpusVi, to empower a new generation of nurse and healthcare leaders that can shape their organization and drive them to succeed in a new normal, now and in the future.    

Healthcare Leadership Program

This online certificate is designed for aspiring healthcare leaders and experienced managers and directors across diverse healthcare disciplines such as pharmacy, radiology, occupational therapy, diagnostics, and other hospital and clinical departments. This course empowers leaders with the knowledge, skills, and tools to better navigate their healthcare organization, effectively lead their team, and make an impact in their role.

Healthcare Leadership Programs by Duke CE and Dignity Healthcare

Nurse Leadership Program

This online certificate was developed with nurse leaders for nurse leaders who are looking for career progression into a managerial role and/or for experienced nurse leaders looking to further develop their leadership abilities.

Leadership for What’s Next

Part of Duke University, Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) is the premier global provider of leadership solutions in context. We are a blend of a business and university — but distinct from both. From the business world, we bring an outcomes-driven focus on client service and real-world insight into the challenges leaders face. From our university heritage, we bring academic rigor and research.


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Healthcare Leadership Program

Healthcare Leadership Program

Designed for healthcare professionals seeking to lead in an effective way, this program teaches leaders to evaluate themselves, improve communication, build relationships and motivate others.

Using a framework developed in collaboration with industry experts and world-leading instructors, students will learn to identify techniques and leverage opportunities to increase influence across a matrixed organization. Through this online program, learners will build their leadership style and confidence to elevate performance and maximize impact.

The Healthcare Leadership Program is designed for:

  • Aspiring or entry-level leaders working across diverse healthcare disciplines such as pharmacy, radiology, occupational therapy, etc.
  • Experienced managers or directors who want to elevate their existing skills and learn more about emerging leadership trends


  • Increase self-awareness of personal preferences and styles and how to align with messages, habits and behaviors that project an authentic and effective leadership identity.
  • Learn the value of strong relationships and networks and how to build them through communication and collaboration that increase trust and understanding.
  • Support and enhance the performance of others by defining clear goals and priorities, and employing key leadership levers such as motivation, coaching, delegation and feedback.
  • Align with the overall operations of the organization by understanding, translating and implementing strategic and financial plans at the team level and identifying ways to positively contribute to business performance.
  • Develop leadership techniques to increase your level of influence and guide both the process of change and people transitions as healthcare continues to evolve.

Certificate in Nurse Leadership

Our Nurse Leadership Program, developed in partnership with OpusVi, equips nurse leaders to make a positive impact on their organizations by empowering them to evaluate and lead themselves, others and their organizations amidst a complex and evolving healthcare environment.

The course, developed with nurse leaders for nurse leaders, encourages nurses to build their confidence, knowledge and practical skills to guide their teams, departments and organizations successfully into the future.

“I found the content to be relatable, logical in its progression, easy to comprehend and apply. I appreciate how the broad themes were broken down into tips that are easy to apply in everyday practice.”

– Aubrey Rockwood, ED Nurse

Key program features

The course focuses on all aspects of leadership, including:

  • Leading Self – Before we can lead others, we must be self aware.
  • Leading Others – Elevate the performance of others by engaging teams with clear goals and priorities, building trust and creating psychological safety for team members.
  • Leading the Organization – Develop a deeper understanding of how healthcare organizations function, from strategic and financial management to organizational structure and regulatory compliance.
  • Leading Change – In today’s fast-changing healthcare environment, it’s important to understand and lead through disruption in order to inspire change in individuals, teams and organizations.

Further your nursing career

  • 4-6 hours per week for 16 weeks
  • 100% of our pilot group said they would recommend this program to other nurse leaders

Course content includes:

  • Dynamic, engaging video content
  • Interactive lessons with practical, hands-on exercises
  • Collaborative discussions
  • Job aids and takeaways for continuous reference
  • Networking opportunities