Turning Technical Experts into Transformational Leaders

The Technical Leadership Challenge

Every industry is being disrupted and adapting to new technologies. Businesses are on a journey to digitally transform themselves, which means the critical strategic initiatives are equal parts business and technology. It is unsurprising, that organizations are searching for technically strong leaders who can drive business results and guide this transformation through the work of their teams.

Teams are the atomic unit of work today and fundamental to our organization’s success. Technical leaders need to know how to build a team, lead work, and get the best out of diverse talent on a team is an indispensable skill. According to a McKinsey Report, 46% of transitions from individual contributors to leaders fail and 49% felt their organizations and leaders were not prepared to handle this complexity.

Transformational Technical Leadership

Our Solution

The Duke CE Advanced Technology Leadership Certificate Program, developed in partnership with Learning Tree International, was created in response to the Technical Leadership Challenge.

The program experience is comprised of six courses. A completion certificate is awarded after each course and to earn a program certificate, five of the six courses must be successfully completed. Each course is designed to build the leadership expertise, mindset, skillset, and toolset required to become a transformational leader.

As a result, organizations get more “ready-now” leaders, able to lead work, people, and change — and increase their impact on business outcomes. Participants obtain the skills, tools, and real-world practice to not just manage but successfully lead others though constant change, thereby boosting their impact and careers.

“Leadership today requires a unique skillset to influence people, processes,
and create change in a dynamic environment. This exclusive certificate program
with Duke Corporate Education addresses the needs of IT leaders to help their technical executives, managers, and line experts advance on the career ladder of excellence and be future-ready to drive business outcomes.”

David Brown,
CEO, Learning Tree

 What Makes This Program Different?

  • Flexible learning journey with a certification path or focus on a specific skill gap
  • Expert instructors are real-world practitioners who bring the content to life
  • Application of tools and frameworks to real-work that drives results
  • Prestigious credentials from Duke Corporate Education and Learning Tree

Who Should Attend?

If you are a Technical Leader in this fast-paced, constantly changing environment and would like to advance on the career ladder of excellence and be future-ready to drive business outcomes, this program is for you.

Program Benefits

This program will transform technical experts into “ready-now” leaders who are able to lead strategy, change, and people to boost their impact on career and business outcomes. As a result of the program experience they will learn to:

  • Build the leadership expertise and skillset to become a transformational leader
  • Recognize, diagnose, and respond appropriately to complex environments and situations
  • Translate the larger organizational strategy to their own work and architecting their own strategies for executing this work.
  • Explore new approaches and apply frameworks to reframe disruption as an opportunity for growth
  • Lead a collaborative team, leverage diversity, and produce great results
  • Develop a customer-centered approach to initiating and deploying innovative solutions
  • Collaborate and influence others without positional authority to produce solutions quickly

Program Features

  • 80+ Hours of Learning (5-course certificate track, 16 hours per course)
  • 10+ Case Studies and Assignments
  • Build an end-to-end learning application strategy though a Capstone Project
  • Live expert-led sessions and personalized content, coaching available upon request
  • Certificates issued by Duke Corporate Education and Learning Tree, for each course and full program upon successful completion

Certificate Path

Leading in this fast-paced, constantly changing environment presents unique challenges. For technical leaders, the task is now to not only keep pace as an individual but to guide and bring others along as well. Whether your learning track starts with a certification path or you want to focus on specific skill gaps, our solution is flexible.

To earn a program experience certificate five of six courses need to be completed.

Required Course

Elective Courses

Choose and complete 4 of the 5 elective courses to complete the certificate program. 

“Technical leadership is more critical today than ever, the lines between information technology and business roles are blurring. We need technical leaders who can set technical direction for the entire company – not just IT.”

Chuck Passannante,
Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Textron Aviation