My Duke Corporate Education Platform

Learn. Engage. Transform.

To thrive in our disrupted, fast-changing world, organizations and their leaders are rapidly reshaping the way we work, learn and lead. To meet the needs of learners and leaders today, Duke Corporate Education is evolving its design and delivery of custom education. We are deeply engaged with our clients to re-imagine the very essence of leadership, as they work to radically reshape their organizations to adapt and thrive in shifting markets. We are transforming face-to-face programs into fully-virtualized, immersive experiences that change mindsets and behaviors to drive business outcomes. As always, we remain committed to co-creating innovative, customized learning experiences that transform leaders and their organizations.

Duke Corporate Education has launched a globally-accessible learning technology platform to deliver custom virtual and blended programs and online courses to clients. This transformative space for learning and development allows us to continue to deliver the deep collaboration and customization that Duke CE is known for, while also providing one flexible access point to dynamic content, customized for the individual learner.

A Customizable and Flexible Learning Platform

This highly-customizable platform, backed by the latest in UX and digital learning research, is your portal to dynamic content relevant to different talent levels and adaptive to multiple learning journeys. The platform includes:

  • A white-labeled space that reflects your organization’s unique brand, purpose, culture and learning outcomes
  • The ability to co-create and collaborate with Duke CE virtually to embed your business context into every element of the learning journey
  • Social integration that enables learners to build connections, collaborate, and capture the energy of in-person learning
  • Curated thought leadership from Duke CE and other relevant experts, delivered to participants based on their personal learning goals and performance
  • A single location to learn, read, discover, meet and network that integrates with your organization’s calendar system to ensure participants never miss a beat

With this platform as our launchpad, together we can create development initiatives targeted to your unique challenges, better aligned with your purpose and messaging, and more effective in delivering maximum impact to ensure your leaders are prepared for what’s next.

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