Embrace the Unknown

Recent unprecedented global events are reminding us of the imperative to accelerate the acquisition of leadership mindsets and skillsets which will enable us to thrive in an increasingly complex, ambiguous and fast-changing environment. As we learn to navigate extraordinary times, we need to equip individuals, teams and organizations with the appetite and confidence to embrace the unknown and develop the ability to pivot to emerging opportunities while paving the way for what’s next​.

Virtual Immersive Experience

Immersive experiences allow teams to learn and change effectively through actively stimulating the prefrontal cortex and triggering emotions, while also providing the opportunity to practice, experiment and learn from errors. The “Mission to Mars: Lead Differently in Unprecedented Times” Virtual Immersion is designed for participants to learn, practice and reflect on what it takes to develop purposeful, adaptive and resilient teams.

Mission to Mars Immersion Impact with Duke CE

Your Mission

To survive and thrive together on a mission to Mars 

Participants embark on a three-hour journey to Mars. Working in small multidisciplinary pods, they are tasked to resolve a variety of challenges to ensure that they survive and thrive together on a mission to Mars in order to pave the way for the future of humanity.

The Impact

This virtual immersion is intended to provide teams with the opportunity to: ​

  • Connect, collaborate and solve complex challenges collectively and in an unfamiliar environment ​
  • Experiment with new routines and practices and reimagine novel ways of working​
  • Reflect on the role of purpose, empathy and meaning in enabling agility and how those relate to today’s business context​ 

The immersion integrates orchestrator-led debriefs and team reflection after each challenge. Key themes discussed include team-building, team dynamics, collaboration, purpose, failure as a learning tool, trade-offs, dealing with uncertainty and planning for the unknown.

Duke CE Mars Immersion

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