Duke Corporate Education is proud to announce we have been recognized as the worldwide leader in Custom Executive Education by the Financial Times.

In the recently published global survey, Duke CE has achieved the prestigious #1 position, scoring top marks in program design, teaching methods, faculty, and overall customer satisfaction.

We are grateful to be recognized as a leading institution committed to empowering leaders and driving impactful change in organizations and society.

In today’s rapidly changing landscape, where transformation has become the new norm, Duke CE understands the critical role of equipping leaders with the knowledge, behaviors, and mindsets to navigate these challenges effectively.

CEO Sharmla Chetty emphasizes our focus on empowering leaders to create immediate and lasting change in their companies, recognizing that client needs are ever-evolving and unique.

In a business environment where problem sensemaking is imperative, we help leaders at all levels to adopt different perspectives and reframe each challenge as an opportunity to capitalize and grow. 

At Duke CE, we support leaders in navigating challenges such as digital transformation, political and economic instability, and fast-paced ESG goals, while fostering agility and innovation within their teams. Moreover, we believe in the power of creating meaning for employees and maximizing collaborative performance through diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

For over 20 years, Duke CE has been delivering customized client-centric programs to organizations worldwide. Our team of industry experts and global educators collaborates closely with each client to understand their business needs. Together, we design leadership offerings that address their specific challenges and propel their success. 

We are honored by this recognition from the Financial Times and will continue to partner with our clients to strive for excellence in custom executive education, empowering leaders to positively impact their organizations and the world. 

Key Insights from Duke CE and Clients: The Power of Custom Executive Education

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Sharmla Chetty FT

“I knew that getting an education was key. Through education you can actually become a contributor to social change.”

Sharmla Chetty
CEO, Duke Corporate Education

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