Duke Corporate Education Launches First Exclusive Learning Sprint in Partnership with FORTUNE Connect

January 12, 2022 – Today, Fortune announced that individuals can now apply to become FORTUNE ConnectTM Fellows, members of the premier leadership learning community. New Fellows will join a community of over 1,000 members, supported by 20 enterprise partners, and will have access to a new and exclusive learning sprint designed by Duke Corporate Education.

Fellows now have access to the first learning sprint designed by Duke Corporate Education exclusively for FORTUNE Connect. Duke CE’s debut learning sprint, “Purpose Driven Leadership,” will be taught by Michael Chavez, and will teach Fellows to use their sense of individual purpose in their roles as members of larger organizations in order to become stronger, impactful, and authentic leaders.  

Leveraging Fortune’s century of business experience, FORTUNE Connect Fellows are able to expand their leadership skills, build a network of courageous allies, and keep up with the rapidly changing world of business at their own pace, while learning where business leaders should find opportunities to accelerate growth and improve stakeholder outcome.

For more information about becoming a Fortune Connect Fellow, visit https://fortune.com/connect.

Duke Corporate Education Announces Partnership with Fortune Connect to Curate an Exclusive Learning and Career Development Program for Members

In January 2022, Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) will debut programming designed exclusively for Fellows in the Fortune Connect membership community. The partnership springs from what both Duke CE and Fortune see as an imperative to develop stronger leaders in a fast-moving and turbulent world. Programming will launch in tandem with the revamped Fortune Connect social platform hosted on Mighty Networks and marks the first opportunity individuals have to join the Fortune Connect community.

“Duke Corporate Education is long established in preparing Leaders for What’s Next. Partnering with Fortune Media and leveraging the valuable real-time intelligence they glean from world leaders allows us to deploy our leadership programming through an additional digital platform, and have immediate positive impact on leaders during challenging times,” says Sharmla Chetty, CEO of Duke Corporate Education.  

Fortune Duke CE Partnership Anouncement

Duke CE’s initial Sprint, “Purpose Driven Leadership,” will be taught by Michael Chavez, co-author of the book Rehumanizing Leadership: Putting Purpose Back into Business. This virtual  program leverages live sessions, pre-taped complementary content, and engaging, socially driven discussions to lead the thriving Fortune Connect Fellows community on an introspective journey. Fellows participating in this learning sprint will discover their individual purpose and learn to use that purpose in their roles as members of larger organizations to become stronger, impactful, and authentic leaders. 

“The world needs purpose driven leaders who will make a positive impact on society, and we are delighted to have the opportunity to be a part of this first chapter in the leadership journey of the Fortune Connect Fellows, who represent a globally diverse and extremely talented population of executives,” Chetty continues. 

Fortune CEO Alan Murray adds, “At Fortune, we believe we are at a unique and promising turning point in the history of business. We look forward to partnering with Duke CE to provide tools that will equip the next generation of business leaders for the world that awaits them.” For more information about becoming a Fortune Connect Fellow, visit https://fortune.com/connect.

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