The Human Difference Event South Africa

The Davos of Human Capital

Review the 2018 Duke CE Davos of Human Capital Event

Join The Davos of Human Capital on the 12th of July 2018 when Duke Corporate Education brings you a high impact one day conference where talking tech is not enough ─ humans make the difference.

Our world is driven by major technological and economic shifts that are causing significant social and political disruption. This rapid and increasing speed of change in digitization, artificial intelligence and automation are opening up new and exciting possibilities. Technology will undoubtedly change our common future. How we shape our society and determine how we work will depend largely on how we respond to these shifts.



Invigorating dialogue, an immersive experience, exposure to fresh ideas for the future and rich networking opportunities


Keynote:  Duke CE is excited to bring New York Times best-selling Author Daniel Pink to South Africa for The Davos of Human Capital.

Daniel Pink is one of the best-selling nonfiction authors of the last decade.  His 5 books on work, business, and behavior have been translated into 35 languages and have sold more than 2 million copies worldwide. Join us for The Scientific Secrets of Perfect Timing – Perfect timing has never been more important. Change has never been this rapid in the history of humankind – so timing matters.

Review the 2018 Duke CE Davos of Human Capital Event



What does the Fourth Industrial Revolution mean to you? Is 4.0 just another buzzword? Read this opinion piece from Duke CE President for Africa, Sharmla Chetty, in the The Independent Online.

Review the 2018 Duke CE Davos of Human Capital Event