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A Word from our CEO: Michael Chavez

Michael Chavez Duke CE CEO

In these unprecedented times, you — our community of associates, business partners, alumni, educators and leaders — have been foremost in our minds as we’ve heard about how you have been grappling with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, its impact on your lives and your business, and your concerns about what’s next.

I wanted to provide you with an update on Duke Corporate Education’s response to this crisis and also share resources we are making available to you. We are working around the clock to support our clients and business partners worldwide to continue to do what matters more than ever: enabling leaders to cope with never-before-experienced levels of change and uncertainty.

Helpful Resources

Online Courses & Masterclasses

Duke CE draws on our two decades of industry and leadership development experience coupled with our cutting-edge research into today’s greatest challenges to create courses and masterclasses that address current problems facing leaders.

Our online courses are available in a blended or virtual supported experience for cohorts and an online, self-paced format for individuals and teams. Masterclasses are tailored for cohorts at your organization in a real-time, virtual format.

Featured Leadership Insights: Leading in Uncertainty

Explore the best ways to engage and adapt in these curated articles, or view more insights.

How to Rocket Boost Society

How to Rocket Boost Society

In the wake of coronavirus, understanding the behavioral levers of progress is more critical than ever, says Dan Ariely.

Cerner CEO Brent Shafer

Cerner CEO Brent Shafer is Hardwired for Healthcare

Necessity is the mother of adoption. When the coronavirus pandemic hit the world like a hammer blow, Cerner CEO Brent Shafer had to convert his $6 billion global healthcare information technology company to remote working almost overnight.

Rita McGrath

Everything You Assumed Was Wrong

When the ratio of assumption to knowledge is high, spending a lot of time on elaborate spreadsheets is senseless. Post-Covid-19, assumptions have the upper hand. It’s time to question them all – starting with those about cost-saving and efficiency.

Marketing for the Next Normal

Marketing for the Next Normal

Covid-19 has underlined that many marketers’ favorite tools are obsolete. It’s time for marketing with real meaning.

How to use self-talk as self-care

How to Use Self-Talk as Self-Care

Conflict management skills can help you conquer stress and anxiety. Deborah Grayson Riegel explains.

Get remote ready

Get Remote Ready

Great remote working requires three ‘C’s. You must construct a good framework; ensure the lines of communication work properly; and you must develop virtual ways of connecting.

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