The largest steel manufacturer in South Africa sees leaders as a lever to drive profit, growth and operational excellence. They focus on “future-proofing” their organization in a changing environment with a view to building individual and team resilience.

Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE) partnered with the organization to create a three-module programme on Values-Based Leadership, Building Cohesiveness and Operational Excellence and Leading and Implementing Change. These modules provided specific areas of learning, particularly focusing on a deeper understanding of growth areas, risks, and adopting an operationally excellent mindset. This programme created a learning environment for participants to learn from thought leaders, process facilitation and immersive experiences. Duke CE introduced learning that gave participants the opportunities to grow on an individual level as well as have the necessary skills to support the organisation’s transformation. These skills encouraged participants to be equipped for leadership and to contribute to business growth and future profit.

Over the journey of the programme leaders also developed projects which were presented to the CEO, Chairman and members of EXCO. The projects challenged the participants to leverage new ways of working, to drive profit and operational excellence. Just one of these projects resulted in 30 million Rand profit to the organisation.

Global Steel Manufacturer: Activating Future Leaders 01