Leading Through Crisis: Adapting Your Leadership for the New Normal

A Masterclass for Cohorts

Leaders find themselves in uncharted territory, never before seen in their lifetimes. The difficulty of leading in disorder comes not just from the nature of the crisis at hand, but also from the challenges of working with organizational models that were built for scale, efficiency and stability. Worse, our brain wiring constrains us from the creativity we need to improvise in a totally new set of circumstances.

Michael Chavez Duke CE CEO

“It becomes much more difficult to think and be creative when we’re threatened. The very time when we need creativity to deal with big challenges that are new is the time that it’s hardest — but there are some things we can do to become better at managing this little quirk in our evolutionary biology.”

Michael Chavez, Global Managing Director at Duke Corporate Education, co-author of Rehumanizing Leadership: Putting Purpose Back into Business

There is no crisis playbook for where we find ourselves today. These new circumstances require leaders to effectively lead their employees, teams and businesses through an unknown which is plagued by turbulence, shorter time horizons, and rapid mobilization. To chart this new course and build the “next normal,” leaders need to face reality and improvise through the chaos while adjusting and pivoting as the situation changes. They need to build cohesion and community through trust and empathy that galvanizes collective determination. And lastly, leaders need to step up their virtual leadership to focus on the present and prepare for tomorrow.

Now is the time to reorient and retool ourselves and learn how to adapt our leadership and objectives as the context shifts, and we must bring our people with us on this unprecedented journey.

Series Objectives

Each session in this series is interactive and includes leading-edge research from Duke Corporate Education (Duke CE), tailored to your context.

The series is an end-to-end learning experience that includes opportunities for the learner to engage, explore, and experiment with the content. Each virtual session is 75-90 minutes in duration.

Virtual Session 1

Leading in Crisis

Virtual Session 2

Leading with Trust and Empathy

Virtual Session 3

Stepping Up Your Virtual Leadership

About the Educator

Michael Chavez

Duke CE Global Managing Director and former CEO Michael Chavez is passionate about “rehumanizing leadership.” By engaging people around a purpose, shared meaning and empathy, he believes leaders can create the foundation for greater sustainability in a world that is more complex and unpredictable than ever. Michael’s research currently focuses on how leaders can most effectively shape, institutionalize and lead from a shared organizational purpose.

Michael teaches, facilitates and advises in the areas of leadership and culture, organizational networks, team collaboration, strategy and execution. He brings to Duke CE more than 20 years of experience in the fields of executive management, marketing, strategy consulting and organizational learning and development. He has led projects all over the world and in a variety of industries, including technology, pharmaceuticals, consumer products, retail, financial services and media. Read more.

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