Virtual Custom Programs

As more and more businesses rely on digital technology to operate efficiently, they are also looking for ways to offer learning and development digitally. Digital learning has come a long way. It no longer focuses solely on information giving. Rather, digital programs provide participants with opportunities to build connections with each other, establish effective networks through the creation of social hubs and interact fully with those leading the program.

Duke CE’s digital programs enable participants to learn new knowledge, develop their skills through enhanced technologies, work with and learn from world-class educators and embed their learning back in the workplace through digitally-supported work-based activities.

Our virtual custom programs might include:

Assessment – Effective personal and team leadership development starts with holding up a mirror and assessing one’s own effectiveness, preferences, strengths and capability gaps. Duke CE works with a wide variety of assessment tools. Key to a successful translation of insights gleaned from assessments is a debrief led by one of Duke CE’s coaches as well as implementing peer coaching and personal development planning.

Learning Platform and Hub – Duke CE offers a digital learning platform designed to deliver an engaging, accessible, interactive, and personalized learning experiences for learners. This provides an interactive resource that can help engage, explore and embed the learning. It is a powerful tool that can support a program or be used as a stand-alone resource.

Immersive Experiences – We deliver impactful immersive experiences virtually, replicating the experience of face-to-face through technology. These customised offerings allow participants to engage, explore and embed behavioral change.

Coaching and Facilitation – To help participants navigate their learning journey, a virtual facilitator functions as a guide, mentor, coach and advisor at every step of the journey.

In addition to our custom virtual programs, we also offer problem-centered ready-to-learn courses which can scale easily and complement custom programs.

Building Strategic Agility

Capturing value today while also looking for the next advantage demands agility. Agile leaders are the greatest levers for the future success of an organization.

Building Financial Acumen

This course is designed to help non-financial managers expand their financial knowledge so they can ask better questions, spot problems, make better decisions and increase impact and influence in the organization.

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