Thought Leadership

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Enter the boundaryless organization

Global firms and their supply chains have transformed the world. Now they must go local, says Parag Khanna….

Today’s winning companies innovate quickly

Speed to innovate is a leading indicator of success in today’s volatile marketplace, says Joe Perfetti. Speed. It may…

Succeeding in the project economy

It’s time to reconsider our approach to talent and the skills needed to succeed today, says Christoffer Ellehuus….

Global business requires adaptive leaders

Maarten Asser defines adaptive leadership for a borderless world. For more than a decade, we’ve wondered, can leaders…

How to inspire a movement

Even conservative businesses can transform with people at the forefront, say Kate Sweetman and Shane Cragun. The call…

Pivot! Leadership development at Merck

A far-reaching leadership development program at pharma giant Merck serves as a case study in dissolving boundaries and…