Remote Working Webinar Series


The Remote Working Webinar Series will support your business

Duke CE has designed the Remote Working Webinar Series through the lens of three key questions:



How do we ENGAGE participants and set them up for a successful remote working experience?



What opportunities to EXPLORE can we offer participants to enhance their new knowledge, skills, and tools?



How do we EMBED the learning so that it becomes a daily discipline, part of a routine way of leading, and sustainable beyond the period of lockdown?

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This series delivers three key learning outcomes through its approach 

Delivered through a multi-channel digital experience:




Virtual Instructor Led Training


Interactive Webinar


Immersive Digital Live Feeds


Virtual Simulations




Pre-Thinking & Pre-Work


Digital Archive


Digital Storytelling




Virtual Relationship-Building: Peer Coaching


Collaboration & Preparation


Online Journaling


Duke CE offers a comprehensive guide to the world of remote working to ensure your business’ continued success.


We will customise the delivery timeline to suit your business needs but propose that we work with you for ~6 weeks on the series. 


We propose running three key webinars to address your needs. 


Key Summary

Clarify expectations for remote working model to maximize effectiveness; for example set up:

  • Engagement
  • Norms for time and location
  • Key processes
  • Centralised information
  • Virtual team and trust

Leaders have a pivotal role to play in leading team performance

Increase touchpoints with key team members and stakeholders

  • How to ensure strong verbal feedback loops on projects
  • How to maintain relationships and have meaningful discussions over phone and video

Schedule working team  touchpoints and participation

  • How to compensate for loss of informal engagement opportunities.
  • How to avoid “connection fatigue”


Key Summary

Establish processes for work planning, productivity and deliverables, and explicitly define collaboration models, and:

  • Increase touchpoints
  • Provide clarity 
  • Build deeper trust 

Leaders have a pivotal role to play in leading team performance

  • How to set performance goals, track progress and measure impact within the context of remote work
  • How to reach consensus within your team on what “urgent” means in this new operating context
  • How to set standards for typical iterations
  • How to work across different timezones


Key Summary

Take the time to plan a thought out wellness programme that includes practical advice for employees, helping them:

  • Manage stress
  • Improve ways of working 
  • Improve physical & mental well-being

Leaders have a pivotal role to play in leading team performance

  • Understanding the employee  context when working in remote teams.
  • Techniques to manage the energy flows and rhythms of team members for maximum team effectiveness.
  • How to conduct Personal and Career Development discussions virtually.
  • Enabling employees to leverage your organisation’s support network.

Leveraging access to Duke CE’s Global Thought Leadership will dramatically improve results

We provide access to online webinars to support your learning journey: 

Seeing Around Corners with Rita McGrath

Seeing Around Corners: Spotting Inflection Points in Business Before They Happen

Presenter: Rita McGrath

World-Renowned Thought Leader and Professor

Businesses must become strategically agile, constantly adapting to catch the next value wave. Learn why and how leaders can see early signals of change and prepare.

Rita McGrath shares key ideas from her book, Seeing Around Corners.

Futureproofing Organizations for Digital Disruption with Hari Nair

Futureproofing Organizations For Digital Disruption


Hari Nair, leading practitioner of innovation

Venkat Venkatraman, Professor of Management

Every industry faces new realities in the digital future. Business models and practices tried-and-tested in the industrial age may not work going forward. Your competitors in the future are not only those companies that you have competed against in the past. Companies that are “digitally-born” bring new competencies rooted in digital technologies.

Agile Dashboard with Joe Perfetti

Agile Dashboard

Presenter: Joe Perfetti

Duke CE Innovation Fellow and Professor of Finance

As executives, we use dashboards to monitor the performance and health of our businesses. Traditional metrics like sales, revenue and margin are common and important metrics. But today, in the age of disruption, do we need different, more forward-looking metrics to indicate if our business is agile enough to win the marketplace tomorrow?

Strategy in the Digital Revolution with Ryan McManus

Strategy in the Digital Revolution

Presenter: Ryan McManus

Co-Founder and CEO of Techtonic

Today every business is focused on digital transformation, yet most are struggling to realize value from their efforts. Less than 20% of leaders believe their efforts have been successful. With unprecedented access to data and technology, how is it that firms and their leaders are experiencing such disappointing results?

Building Strategic Agility is a premium offering to consider

Duke CE’s Building Strategic Agility 8-module interdisciplinary certificate course is designed to help leaders become more agile and capitalize on the new rules of strategy for themselves and their organizations. This course is available in a blended, supported experience for cohorts and an online, self-paced format for individuals and teams.

Faster, Smarter Decisions

Explore the ‘decision challenges’ facing  organizations in the 21st century, as well as strategies for enabling the culture change and mindset shifts needed to make faster,  smarter decisions

Harnessing Data Science for Business Impact

Examine how data science is changing what’s possible and reshaping our roles as decision-makers.

The Agile Dashboard

Learn new agile metrics  organized around speed,  interaction, and pivot, which  leaders need to monitor and manage to ensure their  businesses stay ahead.

The Power of Purpose

Learn how to discover your  Organizational Purpose and how to craft and narrate a compelling vision that provides context and  meaning to your team’s work in these uncertain times.

Agile Teams

Explore an agile approach to teams that enables a continuous cycle of socialization, positive  agitation and synergizing.

Levers for Culture Change

Learn the characteristics of agile cultures and how to use the levers of culture change to build more agility into your  own organization’s culture.

Sources of New Competitive Advantage

Explore how to spot emerging trends, threats and technologies that could challenge long-held  assumptions underpinning your business, while also preparing you to seize the opportunities these developments offer.

Customer-Centric Innovation

Explore how companies can build greater customer-centricity, speed and flexibility into their DNA, allowing them to out-innovate the competition and thrive in the “age of agility.”

Digital Transformation

Learn a roadmap toward building the agility needed to capture value in the market amidst this digital disruption, and the implications internally for your organization and people.

This course includes:

  • 10 interactive video modules
  • 8 expert instructors
  • 8-10 hours of total effort
  • 9 application guides
  • 7 practice exercises
  • 9 downloadable guides
  • 1 certificate of completion

Available for individuals or in a structured solution for cohorts.  

Video Lessons

Examples & Case Studies

Application Guide

Curated Content

For more information on this programme, please contact us.