PIVOT Leading Minds Summit

Come together with leading experts in your industry to catalyze innovative thinking around how your business can survive and thrive in the new normal. This customized virtual learning experience will provoke thought and challenge norms in order to help your leaders adapt and succeed during these turbulent times.

PIVOT Leading Minds Summit is designed specifically for your organization and incorporates these content pillars: Purpose, Integration, Velocity, Open Innovation and Thriving.

Expert Educators & Program Topics

Based on the needs of your organization, some of our leading experts and popular topics could include… 

Michael Chavez

Unlocking the power of purpose in your organization

Dr. Vivienne Ming

Maximizing human potential through technology

Rita McGrath

Seeing around corners and identifying new sources of competitive advantage

Dan Ariely

Leveraging behavioral science to impact change in your organization

Learn what’s possible for your organization

PIVOT Leading Minds Summit can be customized based on your industry and organization. To schedule a call to learn what’s possible for your organization, complete the form below.