Wendy Shuttleworth

Wendy ShuttleworthAccreditation Director

Wendy Glenda Shuttleworth an international transformation facilitator, coach and change agent.  She has successfully facilitated training programmes for more than 10,000 delegates internationally.  Wendy’s two decades of experience is in-depth as it is expansive. Over the last 25+ years Wendy has developed herself in to an expert in Human Emotional and Behavioural Psychotherapy while becoming a leader in the areas of Strategic Coaching, Positive Psychology, Mindfulness, Breakthrough honours, Certified Belief Clearing Practitioner (Dr. Joe Vitalie), Bodytalk and Multi-Discipline Psychotherapy. Wendy is particularly adept at developing leaders and facilitating change at every level in an organisation to help teams and people be highly effective.

Wendy has a National Diploma: Organisational Transformation and Change Management, National Certificate: Occupationally Directed Education Training and Development Practices, National Certificate in General Management, a National Diploma in Human Resources Management, a National Diploma: Business Consulting Practice, a certified coach and a mini MBA. Completed Positive Psychology at The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA.  Also completed Breakthrough coaching and Mindshift: Break through obstacles to learning and discover hidden potential though McMasters University Honours.

Wendy has been the Accreditation Director for Duke Corporate Education for the last two years.  Prior to this Wendy was Group Head: Accreditation and Programme Strategist and head of quality for Signa Group of six companies for the prior seven years. Wendy is a Sector Education and Training Authority assessor, moderator and verifier for over 20 years.

Wendy is the author of “Your Soul Puzzle” and has been mention or quoted in: Oprah Magazine, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Style magazine, Longevity Magazine, an “Agony Aunt” in a local paper, on various radio shows and has 73 videos on her YouTube channel. The most important things she learnt is that there are no coincidences, and that you can never change someone else, but you can create your own reality and decide how others will treat you.

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