Richelle Hobbs

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Richelle Hobbs is a Project Director and leadership coach who designs and delivers innovative developmental and educational solutions for a variety of global clients, including HSBC, Boeing, BNP Paribas and PwC.  She leverages her expertise in learning and development—what facilitates that process and what impedes it—along with her business acumen to assist leaders in seizing opportunities to improve and sustain targeted results.  She has played a pivotal role in collaborating with Duke Corporate Education (CE) external faculty and internal staff teams to manage the client relationship, instructional design, budget and operational direction of customized partner programs.  Richelle has a wealth of experience in engaging leaders at all levels of an organization to ensure consistency of objectives and maximization of organizational impact.  She is a very skilled teacher, orchestrator, coach and facilitator in helping clients cohesively link program delivery and integration to both business and learning outcomes.

Prior to her work with Duke CE, Richelle founded her own leadership consulting and coaching services firm where she helped individual leaders and leadership teams to enhance their awareness and performance to yield sustained behavioral, cultural and operational change.  Richelle has also been a Director and Faculty member at The Advisory Board Academies in Washington, DC.  There, Richelle partnered with executives from leading United States health systems to structure, facilitate and teach strategic leadership development programs at executive, middle and front line management levels.  In her experience, Richelle has worked extensively in coaching both executive teams and individual leader contributors to maximize the performance of organizations across the United States.  Richelle also has a rich consulting background that includes collaborating with enterprise-wide executive leadership at WellPoint, Inc. to identify, pursue and realize opportunities for enhancing effectiveness, profitability and resource utilization to deliver multi-million dollar annual returns.

Richelle’s varied experience in coaching, consulting and teaching, along with her creative contributions in the health care, financial, aerospace, design and retail industries have underscored her conviction that bright, committed people are “the secret sauce” to any successful organization.  Richelle believes that unleashing the power of people is simple: when one changes the way people think, one inevitably changes the way people behave, and that becomes the pathway for enhancing and sustaining world-class performance—one mind at a time.

Richelle has an MBA, Beta Gamma Sigma from The Mason School of Business at The College of William and Mary, and a BS in Human Development, Summa Cum Laude from Brigham Young University.  She is also a graduate of Georgetown University’s Leadership Coaching Certification Program.

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