Melissa Pitzen

Project Director

As a member of a global client team, Melissa facilitates the design and development of customized leadership solutions. Her role includes client relationship management, budget creation and implementation, supplier engagement, and overall project leadership.

Melissa is based in Durham, North Carolina and has delivered programs around the world – in the US, Canada, Mexico, and Europe and virtually to a global audience. She has worked with a diverse range of industries such as; financial services, pharmaceuticals, biotech, engineering, and professional services.

Before assuming the role of project director, Melissa was a program manager at Duke CE and was responsible for the delivery of innovative and impactful educational experiences. She was responsible for project planning, sourcing and liaising with venues, communicating with participants, developing and managing program materials, managing logistics and bringing unique insights and creativity to the delivery of the team’s designs.

Melissa has a depth of experience with leadership development and education that began as a teacher in Raleigh, NC and Beijing, China. Prior to joining Duke CE, Melissa worked in Innovation and Learning at a Science and Technology Museum where she designed a portfolio of educational offerings and expanded community partnerships.

Melissa holds a BS in Education from North Carolina State University and spent a semester at Lorenzo de’ Medici: Italian International Institute.

Contact Information

+1 984-260-7660


Duke Corporate Education
310 Blackwell Street
Durham, NC 27701