Building Speed and Adaptability in Your Organization

As the global pace and scale of change continues to accelerate, leaders at every level must collaborate to ensure that their organizations become more responsive to unanticipated market shifts, more resilient to unpredicted disruptions and more adaptable to unforeseen deviations from expected norms.

Duke CE believes that managers located in the middle of the existing leadership system are critical levers to influence and adjust the organization’s strategic and transformational processes to deliver the responsiveness, resilience and adaptability that the modern-day enterprise needs.

We call them Center-Leaders.

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Leading from the Center

Duke CE has developed a deep and broad point of view on what works for managers in the middle of the leadership system–enabling Center-Leaders to build responsiveness, resilience, and adaptability required by the modern day enterprise.

Our Leading from the Center model is based on 16 years of experience delivering more than 500 middle manager programs in over 35 countries. We have curated our collective experience to identify the most effective concepts and frameworks, applications and activities, and experiences and methods required to change what middle managers must know, do and believe to become Center-Leaders.

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