What’s Next in Leadership

Shifting Mindsets through Different Lenses
Shift Perspective: New Mindsets, New Behaviours, New Potential

Thursday, 21 February 2019
Visa University Singapore, 71 Robinson Road, Level 9, Singapore, 068895


Event Overview | Speakers | Agenda

We have entered an unprecedented time where businesses operate in a context that is highly interconnected, truly global, disrupted and disruptive.  New players appear overnight and three generations collaborate in a work force where diversity is more important than ever. At the macro level, while some see unique opportunities, others express concerns over an upcoming recession. At the micro level, leadership needs to respond to the challenges of the 21st century.

The Human Difference: Reimagining Leadership  is a dynamic 1-day event that brings together a diverse group of experts and creative leaders to collectively reimagine leadership in our rapidly changing world. By viewing the world through four unique lenses, namely the arts, education, the social innovation space and sports, this one day event asks the question: how do we shift our mindset and perspectives in service to our organisations and our world?

The SHIFT framework, derived from extensive work with CEOs around the world, posits that speed, a human-centric approach, imagination, flexibility and trust are the necessary hallmarks of great leadership. They are also the most burning items on the CEOs agenda.

Join us for a day of dialogue and sharing with Duke Corporate Education, and come away with new insights and inspiration to support you in addressing the opportunities and challenges ahead.