Women Acting with Power Programme

Women Acting with Power is designed to ignite the power in women, enabling and empowering them to navigate and thrive in a world of continuous disruption and uncertainty and nurturing the ability to transform, influence and act with power in their multiple roles, in the workplace and beyond.

This programme offers a powerful journey of transformation for women and a unique approach to engage participants on a transitional journey, at their own pace, addressing their own unique needs.

Target Audience

Women in business who have a desire to “act with power,” and have an appreciation on how best to navigate the workplace and to take the lead in the multiplicity of her numerous roles.

Learning Outcomes

Develop and transform the ability to lead, harness self-power and expand influence by:

  • Understanding the role of true power and the implications thereof
  • Building experience on negotiation tactics to expand influence and act with power
  • Developing the skill to lead high-performing teams and lead change and diversity
  • Understanding how to leverage social networks and techniques to influence individuals and groups
  • A fully customised design to meet the direct needs of women in their own power, and based on current trends and paradigms for women in the workplace

Extraordinary Results

  • The ability to remain effective in all aspects of work and life
  • Transformational insight leading to action
  • Leading in the new normal and creating value for self, others and the organisation

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