The Davos of Human Capital 2019 – Session Recordings

The Davos of Human Capital 2019: Key Session Videos

This one-day, high-impact conference in Johannesburg, South Africa brought 500 senior leaders together to discuss how we can shape the intersection between humanity and technology to create better leadership for a better world.

Event Highlights

Welcome to The Davos of Human Capital 2019: Humanity vs. Technology
Michael Chavez, CEO, Duke Corporate Education; Sharmla Chetty, President of Global Markets, Duke CE; Iman Rappetti, Charmaine Houvet, and Sophia the Robot

Technology Can’t Replace the Human Touch
Organizations must leverage a human-centered approach to succeed in the digital future.
Sharmla Chetty, President of Global Markets, Duke CE

Vision for South Africa
Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams, South African Minister of Communications

What Does It Mean to Be a Human Bank in the Age of Technology?
Meaningful collaboration between humans and machines can influence better outcomes.
Mike Brown, CEO, Nedbank

Thriving in the Era of Digital
Panelists from business and society share engaging and contradictory perspectives to challenge your point of view on the future of digitalisation and our readiness as a nation to thrive in the era of disruption.

Digital Superstars vs. Digital Laggards
Case studies from leading global companies.

Using Digital in a Leadership System – Wendy Pickford, Astra Zeneca

Machines with Super-Human Intelligence: Generating a Positive Relationship Between Humans and Robots
Dr. David Hanson, the highly-acclaimed creator of the world’s first robot citizen Sophia, explored the captivating reality of bringing synthetic humans to life and the impact this will have on business and society. Hear insights from David and Sophia, the most advanced human-like robot in the world.