ASEP South Africa: Challenge and Solution

The Challenge

In companies that manage highly successful projects, 81% report that leadership is the most important skill.

Operating Environment is More Volatile and Complex- 79% of CEOs expected the level of complexity to increase over the next five years, and only 49% felt their organizations were prepared to handle this complexity. Source: IBM Global CEO Study: Capitalizing on Complexity


Project Work is More Important- 50% of organizations’ 2017 projects are classified as “strategic initiatives”. Source: PWC 4th Annual Global Portfolio and Program Management Survey


Project Work is More Pervasive- Organizations will need 33% more individuals working in project-based roles over next 10 years. Source: PMI Job Growth and Talent Gap Report 2017


Projects are More Complex- There are more unplanned, emergent problems to solve. Non-planned or ad hoc activities make up more than 25% of total work on projects.



A Solution for Project Leaders

If you are involved in leading projects in any capacity, then we invite you to the Adaptive Strategic Execution Programme (ASEP) in South Africa. We will help you develop the skills to lead project work in this more complex world.

Essential Skills

  • Building a solid plan
  • Managing schedule, scope and performance
  • Establishing effective routines
  • Maintaining accountability


Adaptive Skills

  •  Driving collaboration and influencing faster and across more boundaries
  • Innovating by owning problems and designing solutions to emerging challenges
  • Flexibility in knowing when how to drive change
  • Engaging and developing team members in the context of projects
  • Accelerating key decisions