Advanced Certificate in Business Management (ABM)

SETA Qualification: 48967, NQF Level 6

Available in face-to-face, live virtual or self-paced online formats

This programme is designed to equip participants with the skills to lead and manage a unit within the contextual changes brought about by the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) whilst simultaneously building the business advisory skills of the participant as portable skills. The qualifying learner will gain the skills and attributes to compliment the company’s commercial success through cutting edge management and leadership skills. This programme focuses on the development of solid business cases for the development of new and innovative ideas to improve the competitiveness of the business.

The Advanced Business Management programme provides participants with advanced knowledge, skills and competencies  in management and leadership of key functional areas within the commercial environment.

Target Audience

This qualification is intended to enhance the provision of service within the business advising industry. This qualification and the assessment criteria and guidelines which accompany it have been designed to ensure that access to NQF registered qualifications in business advising operations is not limited to  those who are employed in a business advising function.

Criteria for Enrolment

It is assumed that participants embarking on qualification are already competent in:

Programme Duration and Modalities

Learning Outcomes

On successful completion, the qualifying learner would attain the skills and competencies to:

  • Use design thinking tools to generate ideas for the development of new digital products to retain the competitive edge of the business
  • Appreciate the power of neuroplasticity and ways that leaders can significantly unleash brain agility and resilience for organizational growth
  • Apply the accounting and financial practices required to forecast performance in a VUCA environment
  • Deliver client-centric marketing strategies and plans to address client needs ensuring a unique user experience
  • Manage and lead the operations of a business unit to achieve optimal performance
  • Adhere to all legal and regulatory compliance requirements ensuring that the organization meets all King IV principles of good governance
  • Manage the self by applying professionalism, upholding the ethical standards in the workplace and ensuring work-life balance

Programme Structure

The programme comprises seven modules together with the learning outcomes as follows:

  • Module 1: Design Thinking and Ideation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR)
  • Module 2: Neuroscience for Strategy and Business Planning for Innovative/4IR Growth Paths
  • Module 3: Financial Information Gathering and Analysis
  • Module 4: Client Centricity in Designing Marketing Strategies and Plans
  • Module 5: Operational Excellence
  • Module 6: Legal and Regulatory Compliance within Governance Prescripts
  • Module 7: Professionalism, Ethics and Personal Care in the Workplace

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